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Background Information


​Access to documents, articles and other information on keyhole technology.

Keyhole Process

  • Keyhole Process

    Case Studies

  • Exposing Utilities to the Benefits of Keyhole Technology
  • GTI Keyhole Case Studies
  • Gas Operations News - April 2010
  • Keyhole Coring and Reinstatement
  • Keyspan and Con Edison Win Approval for Keyhole Coring and Reinstatement for New York City DOT

  • Articles

  • Avista Utilities Aligns with Contractors in Implementing Keyhole Technology
  • GTI Provides Training in Keyhole Operations
  • Keyhole Demo during WaterRF Project in LA
  • Power of Teamwork
  • Core & Vac a technique to reduce congestion
  • Gas Contractor Gets to the Core of the Matter with New Technology
  • Enbridge Introduces New Rotary Tool for Improved Pavement Repairs
  • Keyhole Technology: Utility Microsurgery
  • Through the Keyhole
  • Using Keyhole Technology to Access Buried Utilities: Advantages to Right-of-Way Owners and Users
  • The Key to Painless Repairs for City Streets
  • Pipe Assessments Through Keyholes
  • Smaller, Circular Keyholes Cut Costs
  • Seeing is Believing: The Case for Potholing
  • Keyhole Technology – House Connections Installed with Minimal Invasion Using the Trenchless Method
  • Unlocking Savings with Keyhole Technologies
  • Unlocking Savings with an Innovative New Technology

    Technical Papers and Reports

  • Utilicoring: A Unique Coring and Pavement Restoration Process
  • Cold Weather Reinstatement
  • A Core Strategy for Effective and Environmentally Friendly Utility Cuts and Repairs
  • Evaluation of Bonding Strength of Grout Used in Intact Pavement Core Replacement
  • Laboratory Testing of New and Improved Bonding Compound (Utilibond™) and Investigation of Previously Repaired Pavement Keyhole Restoration Techniques
  • Laboratory Testing of Utilibond Grout Used in Pavement Core Reinstatement
  • Laboratory Testing of RC Grout Used in Pavement Core Reinstatement
  • Potholing Without Potholes: A Core Strategy for Utility Cut Repairs
  • Compaction Control in Keyholes

    Keyhole Guidelines and Specifications

  • Construction Specifications for Keyhole Pavement Coring and Reinstatement
  • Vacuum Excavation Best Practice & Guideline
  • Vacuum Excavation
  • Construction Specification for Keyhole Excavation and Permanent Reinstatement of Keyhole Cores
  • Guideline for Excavation in the Vicinity of Utility Lines
  • Utility Pothole Repair
  • Section 355 Utility Potholes - Keyhole Method
  • Highway Occupancy Permit Guidelines


  • Keyhole Technology Coring and Reinstatement Process - APWA 2008
  • Keyhole & Pothole from a Contractors Perspective
  • Keyhole Construction and Pavement Restoration Techniques - September 2008
  • Keyhole Construction and Pavement Restoration Techniques - November 2008

    Other Relevant Documents and Information

  • GTI Keyhole Technology Newsletter - April 2008
  • GTI Keyhole Technology Newsletter - May 2007
  • GTI Keyhole Technology Newsletter - October 2006
  • GTI Keyhole Technology Newsletter - April 2006
  • GTI Keyhole Technology Newsletter - September 2004
  • GTI Keyhole Technology Newsletter - February 2004
  • GTI Keyhole Technology Newsletter - June 2003
  • GTI Keyhole Technology Newsletter - March 2003
  • GTI Keyhole Technology Newsletter - November 2002
  • Keyhole Training Stand - Pictures and Dimensions
  • Double-Wide Keyhole Test Stand Information

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