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tcbiomass2013 Presentations and Posters

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Gasification I Presentations
  • Making it Real, Kevin Craig, U.S. Department of Energy - Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
  • Low Grade Fuel to High Quality Energy by Gasification, Ilkka Hannula, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
  • Two Years Experience of the BioDME Project - A complete Wood to Wheel Concept, Ingvar Landälv, Luleå University of Technology
  • Bio2G – A Full-Scale Reference Plant in Sweden for Production of Bio-SNG (Biomethane) Based on Thermal Gasification of Biomass, Dr. Björn Fredriksson Möller, E.ON Gasification Development
  • Techno-economic and Market Analysis of Pathways from Syngas to Fuels and Chemicals, Michael Talmadge, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
  • Indirect vs. Direct Gasification, Bram van der Drift, ECN
  • Green Gases from Solid Biomass: How They Could Boost the Bioenergy Applications with a Decentralized Vision, Marc Perrin, GDF SUEZ - CRIGEN
  • Aviation Biofuels Ready To Fly, Robert M. Sturtz, World Fuel Services

    Gasification II Presentations
  • Biomass Combined Heat and Power in the Agricultural Processing Sector Using Fluidized Bed Gasification, Matt Summers, West Biofuels LLC
  • Biomass Co-Firing Solutions, Tyler Biddle, Metso Power
  • Green Energy: A Sustainable Energy and Waste Diversion Solution, Tim Cesarek, Enerkem
  • The Role of Structure and Composition in Gasification Reactivity of Biomass Char, Pradeep K. Agrawal, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Reforming Catalyst Performance During a Pilot Scale Demonstration of Biomass Syngas to Ethanol, Kim Magrini, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
  • Acid Gas and Trace Contaminant Removal from Synthesis Gas Produced by Fluidized Bed Gasification of Wood Using the Morphysorb® Process in the GTI Flex Fuel Test Facility, Dennis Leppin, Gas Technology Institute (GTI)

    Pyrolysis I Presentations
  • Thermochemical Pathway Developments in Europe – Status and Reflections, Ingvar Landälv, Luleå University of Technology
  • Alternative Heating Oil from Wood Residues - Industrial Demonstration, Reyhaneh Shenassa, Metso Power
  • Practical Application of Bio-based Pyrolysis Oil, Paula Flowers Hassett, Envergent Technologies
  • Stability of Fast Pyrolysis Bio-Oils and Upgraded Products, Anja Oasmaa, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
  • Corrosion Issues Associated with Thermochemical Production of Biofuels, James R Keiser, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Predicting Detailed Products of Secondary Pyrolysis of Diverse Forms of Biomass, Stephen Niksa, Niksa Energy Associates LLC
  • The Path to Commercialization of Drop-in Cellulosic Transportation Fuels, Mitchell Loescher, KiOR

    Pyrolysis II Presentations
  • Conversion of Algal Biomass to Liquid Fuels by Hydrothermal Processing in Continuous-Flow Reactors, Doug Elliott, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Bio-Oil Stabilization and Upgrading by Hot Gas Filtration, Robert M. Baldwin, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
  • Catalytic Biomass Pyrolysis Technology Development for Advanced Biofuels, David C. Dayton, RTI International
  • Production of an Advanced Bioenergy Carrier (Bio-oil) from Biomass Catalytic Pyrolysis. Effect of Catalyst Deactivation on Bio-oil Yield and Quality, Angelos A. Lappas, Chemical Process and Energy Resources Institute (CPERI) Center for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH)
  • Light Hydrocarbons as Hydrogen Transfer Agents for Catalytic Pyrolysis, Kristiina Iisa, National Renewable Energy Labatory (NREL)
  • Biomass to Gasoline and Diesel using Integrated Hydropyrolysis and Hydroconversion IH, Dr. Pedro Ortiz-Toral, Gas Technology Institute (GTI)
  • Advances in the Commercialization of IH Technology, Mike Demaline, CRI Catalyst Company

    Upgrading I Presentations
  • Bridge Building 101: Commercialization of IH Biomass Direct-to-Hydrocarbon Technology, Alan Del Paggio, CRI Catalyst Company
  • Tree to Tank Part 2, Niels R. Udengaard, Haldor Topsoe, Inc.
  • Fuel and Chemical Products from Biomass Syngas, Tricia Gillenwater, LanzaTech Inc.
  • Fuels of the Future – from Wood-based Raw Materials, Sari Mannonen, UPM Biofuels
  • Enabling Extended Catalyst Lifetime in Fixed Bed Hydrotreating of Bio-Oil, Alan Zacher, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Novel Ni-based Catalysts for the Hydrotreatment of Fast Pyrolysis Liquids, Erik Heeres, University of Groningen
  • Conversion of Bio-oil to Hydrocarbons Via a Low Hydrogen Route, Philip H. Steele, Mississippi State University

    Upgrading-Pretreatment II Presentations
  • Non-Sulfide based Bifunctional Catalyst for Bio-oil Hydrotreating, Huamin Wang, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Improvements in the Upgrading of Biomass Pyrolysis Vapor, Mark R. Nimlos, National Renewable Energy Laboratory(NREL)
  • Upgrading of Bio-crude from Hydrothermal Liquefaction, Jessica Hoffmann, Aalborg University
  • Evaluation of Two Pathways to Produce Torrefied Pellets, Shahab Sokhansanj, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Volatile Yields and Solid Grindability after Torrefaction of Various Biomass Types, Jean-Michel Commandre, CIRAD
  • A New Methodology to Model the Kinetics of Torrefaction, Lina Norberg Samuelsson, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

  • Gasification
  • Pyrolysis
  • Upgrading
  • Pretreatment