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Terry Marker, Gas Technology Institute (GTI)


Terry Marker


Bioenergy Initiatives Manager and Principal Investigator of IH, Gas Technology Institute (GTI)
Terry Marker is the Principal Investigator for the IH, project and is currently employed by the Gas Technology Institute as Bioenergy Initiatives Manager. Terry has 40 years of experience in the petroleum and petrochemical industry with 6 year experience at GTI, 19 years of experience with UOP, 10 years of experience with Amoco, and 5 years of experience with Arco. Terry has worked in biorenewables conversion to fuels for the last 12 years. Over her career Terry has led four teams which successfully commercialized new refinery and petrochemical processes. She was Team Leader of the DOE project, “Opportunities for Biorenewables in Oil Refineries”, which renewed interest in the thermochemical conversion of biomass. Terry recently served as Team Leader of the Ecofining Team at UOP. Ecofining is a new UOP process which converts vegetable oil into diesel and jet fuel through hydrodeoxygenation and has recently been successfully commercialized. Terry has 62 US patents and numerous technical publications and has years of experience in hydroconversion, hydrocracking, pyrolysis, FCC, synfuel production, hydropyrolysis, engineering, process design and economics. Terry has an MS in Chemical Engineering from IIT and a BS in Chemistry from the University of Illinois.

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