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Pekka Jokela, UPM-Kymmene Corporation, Biofuels


Pekka Jokela


Manager, Technology Development, UPM Biofuels
Pekka Jokela has Master's degree in Energy Economics and Power Plant Technologies. He has 20 years of experience in novel biomass processing technologies including biomass drying, pyrolysis and gasification. Experience has been gained through evaluation, piloting and demonstration activities globally. His background is in research & development of new technologies, coordinating and managing multiple research projects, consulting of fuel business concepts, feasibility studies, and business development in various national and international energy companies. Mr. Jokela has been working for UPM-Kymmene Corporation since 2007 and is currently working for UPM Biofuels business development as Manager, Technology Development in Finland. Pekka Jokela has recently gained recognition in the biofuel related joint development project studying possibility of using pyrolysis oil for production of transportation fuels.

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