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Larry Felix, Gas Technology Institute (GTI)


Larry Felix


Institute Engineer, Gas Technology Institute (GTI)
Larry Felix is an Institute Engineer at the Gas Technology Institute (GTI). He has over 40 years of experience in energy-related R&D focusing on the pretreatment of biomass for thermochemical conversion, SO2 removal from coal-derived flue gas, coal and biomass co-combustion, catalysis, hydropyrolysis, pyrolysis, and gasification, and advancing the state of the art for syngas sampling technology. Currently his duties include managing projects related to the densification of lignocellulosic biomass by hydrothermal carbonization and jointly directing GTI’s research in the hydropyrolysis and hydroconversion of biomass to produce fungible fuels (the IH2 process) of which he is a co-inventor. He is also involved in commercializing a novel GTI-invented technology based on twin-screw reactive extrusion for the rapid hydrothermal carbonization of biomass. He holds 14 domestic and 7 international patents.

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