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Gerhard Muggen, Managing Director, BTG Bioliquids BV


Gerhard Muggen


Managing Director, BTG Bioliquids BV

Gerhard Muggen is managing director and shareholder of BTG Bioliquids BV (BTG-BTL) and managing director of Empyro BV. As managing director he is responsible for the strategy of BTG-BTL and the worldwide marketing and sales. Gerhard has been working for Stork Thermeq for 8 years as Sales manager and the last four years as Vice President Marketing and Sales. In the last job he was responsible for the international marketing and sales department and directly involved in the marketing and sales in China, India and Russia. Gerhard was also responsible for organizing and initiating new developments and marketing new technologies. Besides his activities for BTG-BTL Gerhard gives lectures about export, business development and innovation and is Gerhard member of the jury of the Fenedex Export Manager Award.

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