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Picture of a stack of GTI technical reports.GTI maintains one of the world's largest collections of information on natural gas technologies and related energy topics. The extensive GTI information resource library includes technical reports, journals, and software products. Count on us to put you in touch with data on a wide range of energy markets, as well as background information about past and current GTI research projects.

Know what you’re looking for? You can search the GTI information database for all documents and software produced by GTI since 1991. You can search by keyword or topic. Or, If you know the GTI Document that corresponds to the resource you’re searching for, enter it here. The format should be GRI-two digit year/four digit document number (e.g., GRI-01/0222) or GTI-two digit year/four digit document number (e.g., GTI-00/0102.)

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Legacy Document Delivery Services

Pre-1990 GRI reports and conference papers from Institute-sponsored conferences are available. We can send you a PDF upon request, and there is no charge for pre-1990 GRI reports or conference papers.

Contact the GTI Librarian at publications@gastechnology.org to make a request for pre-1990 documents you would like to receive. Typical information to assist the GTI Librarian in fulfilling your request is listed below. Such information is not mandatory, but it helps to facilitate the search.

For reports:

  • Document number
  • Author(s)
  • Title
  • Topic
  • Date
  • Company that prepared the report (i.e. Gas Research Institute)
  • Any other information that would help identify the report


    For conference papers, newsletter articles, etc.:

  • Title of conference
  • Author(s)
  • Title
  • Topic
  • Date
  • Pages the paper appears on, such as 258-279
  • Any other information that would help identify the conference papers, newsletter articles, etc.


    The largest searchable database of information devoted exclusively to gas technology and related issues. (Information in the database is current as of 1999). Please contact the GTI Librarian at publications@gastechnology.org to request fee-based searches of gasLine performed by the GTI Librarian. The gasLine database is not accessible to the public.


    Contact us: publications@gastechnology.org​​​​

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