​Unconventional Gas Productio​n Reports

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Unconventional Resources (CBM, Shales, Tight Gas Sands)

Produced Water Management
  • Development of Electrodialysis for Shale Gas Water Reuse - RPSEA Report No. 08122-05.01
  • Membrane Fouling Reduction Field Test Plan - Processing Shale Gas Flowback and Produced Waters - RPSEA Report No. 08122-05.02
  • Improve UF/NF/RO Membrane Performance Through the Use of Innovative Coatings - Topical Report on Selection of Membrane Supports and Coatings for Barnett Well Flowback Water Separations - RPSEA Report No. 08122-05.03
  • Feasibility of Using Alternative Water Sources for Shale Gas Well Completions — A Preliminary Guidance Document on Current Practices in the Barnett - RPSEA Report No. 08122-05.04
  • Field Assessment of Anti-Fouling Polymeric Membrane Coatings for Treatment of Barnett Shale Flow-Back Produced Water - RPSEA Report No. 08122-05.05
  • Feasibility and Design Approach for Automated Classification and Segregation of Early Flowback Water for Reuse in Shale-Gas Hydraulic Fracturing - RPSEA Report No. 08122-05.06
  • Feasibility Assessment of Early Flowback Water Recovery for Reuse in Subsequent Well Completions - RPSEA Report No. 08122-05.07
  • Feasibility of Using Alternative Water Sources for Shale Gas Well Completions — Final Report - RPSEA Report No. 08122-05.08
  • Characterization of Flowback Waters from the Marcellus and the Barnett Shale Regions - RPSEA Report No. 08122-05.09
  • Preliminary Engineering Systems Analysis of Shale Gas Water Management - RPSEA Report No. 08122-05.10
  • Evaluation of the Aqua Pure Mechanical Vapor Recompression System in the Treatment of Shale Gas Flowback Water - RPSEA Report No. 08122-05.11
  • Evaluation of Electrodialysis for the Desalinization of Shale Gas Flowback Water - RPSEA Report No. 08122-05.12
  • Novel Fouling-Resistant Membranes for Barnett Shale Water Management and Reuse Technologies Project - RPSEA Report No. 08122-05.13
  • Barnett and Appalachian Shale Water Management and Reuse Technologies - RPSEA Report No. 08122-05.FINAL
    Unconventional Resource Development Technology
  • New Albany Shale Gas Project
  • Seismic Monitoring of Methane Production from Coal Seams in Illinois
  • Development of a Virtual Intelligence Technique for the Upstream Oil Industry
  • Marcellus Shale Project - RPSEA - 09122-04-FINAL
  • Laser Drilling - Drilling with the Power of Light
  • Characterization of Natural Gas Hydrates Research
  • ​​​​​​​​​