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Software for the energy industry

In September of 1998, the Gas Research Institute (GRI) and the Institute of Gas Technology (IGT) established InterEnergy Software, Inc., a new company to develop and market software for the energy industry. In 2001 GRI and IGT joined forces becoming a single company named  and operating under the name Gas Technology Institute (GTI). Consequently, in 2002 InterEnergy Software, Inc. was dissolved and its engineering software development transferred to GTI's InterEnergy Software project. We develop and market an array of software products for HVAC, natural gas and power generation consultants, system designers, and equi​pment marketers. Many of our clients include operators and facility managers, gas and electric utility marketers, and ESCO engineers and marketers. Today over 1,200 professionals and companies use a growing list of GTI's InterEnergy Software-branded products. For InterEnergy Software support look through the product Frequently Asked Questions.

BinMaker Pro CD cover

BinMaker PRO

Weather Data for Engineering

BinMaker® PRO version 4.0 upgrades bin energy analysis by creating a wide range of accurate summaries of U.S. hourly weather data TMY3 (Typical Meteorological Year) and TMY2 produced by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. International weather data files are available from Linric Company for an additional fee. Please contact Linric for pricing of the BMCFiles.

Upgrade! BinMaker PRO 4.0 upgrade version is available to the registered users of previous versions. Download the BinMaker Pro Upgrade Form​, fill it out and return the form to receive your upgrade.

To be qualified with the update version, you must provide the valid serial number of BinMaker PRO version 1.0.1 - 3.03. One valid serial number can be upgraded to one license of the version 4.0.

​​​BinMaker Pro product details and purchase information
BinMaker Pro Brochure
BinMaker Pro Manual v4.0​​
ASHRAE 1997 Peak Moisture Design Data
Dehumidification and Cooling Loads From Ventilation Air
TMY3 Datasets Manual

Cascade CD cover


Natural Gas & Hydrogen Fueling Station Sizing Software

It is the most effective tool to assess the performance of a cascade-type ground storage system for any set of fleet vehicle conditions, and to determine the performance of different refueling configurations. By setting all fleet parameters at a constant value and changing only the number of ground storage vessels and the compressor size, the user can easily observe the performance of the station at varying increments of compression and storage capacity. Both English and Metric engineering units are used in the program.

​​​CASCADE product details and purchase information
CASCADE Brochure
CASCADE Manual​​
Sizing and Operating Considerations for Natural Gas and Hydrogen Fueling Systems

D-GEN Pro CD cover


An Economic Screening Tool to Determine the Feasibility of Distributed Power Generation

It is the premier tool for determining the economic feasibility of distributed power generation. It has been developed for quickly and easily evaluating the cost-effective application of on-site and distributed power generation.

​​​D-GEN Pro product details and purchase information
D-Gen PRO Brochure
D-Gen PRO Manual​​


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