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GTI Introduces PerfExtra Technology for Hydraulic Fracturing

PerfExtra logoGTI Introduces PerfExtraSM Technology for Hydraulic Fracturing

10/25/17 Des Plaines, IL

GTI is pleased to introduce PerfExtraSM, a patented method for achieving efficient perforation breakdown during fracturing with simple and low-risk implementation. The technology promotes breakdown of non-productive perforations and an increase in stimulated rock volume. This can result in improved hydrocarbon recovery without increasing perforating, fluid, or proppant costs. GTI believes that PerfExtra is broadly applicable to well completions in all unconventional basins.

GTI has spent over six years developing, validating, and enhancing PerfExtra, and is now offering the technology under license to oil and gas producers worldwide. Laredo Petroleum, Inc. (NYSE: LPI) (Laredo), a leading independent unconventional oil and gas producer, has acquired the first license to GTI’s PerfExtra hydraulic fracturing technology. Laredo hosted and served as operator for GTI’s Hydraulic Fracturing Test Site in the Permian Basin in Texas. Laredo first used PerfExtra in cooperation with GTI on a well at that location, and has since applied PerfExtra in additional Permian wells.

With a long history in unconventional gas technology, including a key role in developing hydraulic fracturing that subsequently unleashed the unconventional resource revolution in the U.S., GTI has a strategic focus on improving production results and economic competitiveness of domestic shale resources. Says Eddie Johnston, GTI Senior Vice President of Research and Technology Development, “PerfExtra has demonstrated increased initial well rates and higher capital efficiency, and it holds great promise for higher recovery. We are excited to bring to market another important unconventional technology advancement that delivers value to our customers. GTI experts have the knowledge, proprietary software, and diagnostic capabilities to support positive results, and I anticipate this technology could have significant impact on expanding the supply of affordable energy.”

For more information about licensing the PerfExtra technology, contact David LaMont, GTI Director of Commercialization at 847-768-0586 or david.lamont@gastechnology.org.

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