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  • In coal country, a flood of money to build other businesses
    Post-Gazette, (01/27/18)
  • GTI addressing high-priority cybersecurity issues through a focused outreach and education process and a technology evaluation and transfer initiative supported by OTD and DHS
    Department of Homeland Security, (01/26/18)
  • Based on the Rock in the Ground, Fracturing Looks Really Different
    GTI-led HFTS in Permian Basin providing ground truth evidence critical to assessing the performance of individual fracture stages
    Journal of Petroleum Technology, (01/22/18)
  • Heat-capture system could help solar PV power ovens, steam turbines
    Midwest Energy News, (01/16/18)
  • Department of Energy to Invest $30 Million to Boost Unconventional Oil and Natural Gas Recovery
    NETL, (01/03/18)
  • NETL-Backed Field Testing Project Seeks to Improve Efficiency and Safety of Hydraulic Fracturing
    NETL, (12/22/17)
  • Ultrathin graphene oxide-based hollow fiber membranes with brush-like CO2-philic agent for highly efficient CO2 capture
    Nature Communications 8, (12/13/17)
  • Game-Changing Supercritical CO2 Systems Are Closer To Commercialization
    POWER magazine, (12/12/17)
  • GTI-Designed Natural Gas Utility and Pipeline Field Skills Training Program Begins
    North American Oil and Gas Pipelines online, (12/07/17)
  • Smart Utilities Reducing the Risk of Third-Party Damage
    GTI-developed system improves transparency on excavations in the field to
    reduce risk and improve safety
    WGC2018, (12/02/17)
  • $2.25 per gallon biohydrocarbon fuels, unsubsidized? Biozin licenses IH2 Technology — heads for commercial-scale in Norway
    BioFuels Digest, (11/15/17)
  • GTI-patented technology helps increase the supply of renewable liquid fuels with favorable economics
    BioFuels International, (11/15/17)
  • Affordable, drop-in hydrocarbons from wood: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to
    CRI/GTI’s IH2 process

    BioFuels Digest, (10/31/17)
  • Who won the most patents in Chicago?
    Proud to be on Crain’s list of Illinois companies awarded the most patents in 2016!
    Crains Chicago Business, (10/12/17)
  • Why Shell has Started a New Energies Business
    Shell Global, (10/04/17)
  • Olympics of Gas Coming to U.S.
    Fortnightly Magazine, (October 2017)
  • Key shale-boom booster threatened by Trump's spending-cut plans
    Bloomberg, (06/07/2017)
  • The Value of Collaboration in Meeting Customers’ Energy-Efficiency Needs
    Western Energy Magazine, (Summer 2017)
  • Railroad at forefront of clean air effort
    Chicago Tribune, (05/18/2017)
  • Government has legitimate role in oil, gas R&D, House panel told
    Oil & Gas Journal, (05/08/2017)
  • GTI’s Eddie Johnston testified before Congress at Hearing on Oil and Gas Innovation
    North American Clean Energy Online, (05/03/2017)
  • This Is What We Call Ecomagination: GE Is Building A CO2-Powered Turbine That Generates 10 Megawatts and Fits On A Table
    The turbine will be used in the sCO2 pilot power plant being built by GTI, SwRI, and GE
    North American Clean Energy Online, (04/13/2017)
  • ‘Waste to fuel’ demo by year-end
    IH2 technology can convert municipal and agriculture waste into liquid transport fuel
    The Hindu, (04/10/2017)
  • Greening I-94: New effort aims to fill alternative-fuel gaps in busy corridor
    GTI is prime contractor on $4.9 million DOE contract to develop multi-fuel stations
    Wisconsin State Journal, (03/19/2017)
  • Gas Industry Partners GTI Celebrates 75 Years
    North American ​Oil & Gas Pipelines, (03/15/2017)
  • Ventilation: Now and for the Future
    Foodservice Equipment and Supplies Online, (03/01/2017)
  • Affordable, drop-in hydrocarbons: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to CRI/GTI’s IH2 process
    BioFuels Digest, (02/28/2017)
  • Department of Energy Invests $5.9 Million in Projects to Advance Novel CO2 Utilization Strategies
    GTI Selected for two awards for transforming CO2 to valuable products
    Department of Energy, (02/17/2017)
  • Businesses remain committed to alternative fuels
    GTI project helps pave the way for the creation of a clean fuel corridor on I-94
    between Michigan and Montana
    Wisconsin State Journal, (02/05/2017)
  • $650K ARC workforce grant to train dislocated miners
    GTI to develop program to train former coal workers for natural gas utility and
    pipeline careers in Appalachia Observer-Reporter Business,
  • Energy Commission Adopts RPS Results for POUs, Energy Demand Forecast Through 2027
    GTI receives PIER grant for projects that will focus on improved energy efficiency by reducing natural gas use and emissions in CA homes and facilities
    California Energy Commission, (01/25/2017)
  • Technology Development Key To Creating Value, Solving Technical Challenges
    American Oil & Gas Reporter – Online, (01/19/2017)
  • R&D program seeks to reduce methane emissions
    GTI developing integrated thermoelectric generator/burner system for oil and gas field operations
    Professional Offshore Magazine, (01/13/2017)
  • MITAGS offers seminar on LNG cargo operations
    GTI partners with Maritime Institute of Technology to create content for seminar
    Professional Mariner, (01/12/2017)
  • $4.9M Grant Funds Alternative Fuel Stations
    The Times Herald, (01/01/2017)

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