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GTI and COMPLY365 Partner to Bring Content Mobility to Natural Gas and Utility Sector

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GTI and COMPLY365 Partner to Bring Crucial Content Mobility to the Gas and Utility Sector

08/18/15 Des Plaines, IL

Gas Technology Institute (GTI) is pleased to announce a partnership agreement with Comply365 to bring transformational technologies to clients in the gas and utility sectors. GTI and Comply365's combined solution, called the Mobile Energy Suite, will help clients immediately gain greater operational efficiency, and this move is expected to begin a larger, industry-wide trend towards secure, paperless document management. Together, Comply365's proven SaaS solutions for secure mobile content management and GTI’s industry-leading expertise will improve the speed of crucial content delivery and optimize the entire data management process for utility operations.

In 2014, GTI began working with Northeast Gas Association (NGA) and National Grid to develop a standardized training program for contractors in the Northeast. As part of this effort, a tablet learning tool was developed, containing company-specific procedures, standards, drawings, and work practices.

The tablet tool became a key component of the program. It was integrated into the classroom training sessions to enable access to company-specific procedures and guidance materials and help students understand where and when National Grid’s procedures are more specific than the core regulations. It is also a quick reference resource for crews in the field, with the application stored locally on the tablet to provide immediate, on-the-spot access to information when and where it’s needed.

In their search for a vendor to provide an expanded, sustainable, and secure solution, GTI discovered Comply365 and soon realized there was great potential with the organization. Their combined solution, the Mobile Energy Suite, can instantly deliver and track important content like construction standards, work procedures, and company bulletins directly to field crews on any device.

"Comply365 can be a game-changer and offer so much more to our customers than simply an expansion of mobile training," notes Ron Snedic, Vice President of Corporate Development at GTI. "There are many processes that are done manually in the industry, and Comply365's mobile, secure, enterprise solutions can help significantly improve productivity in areas like safety management. GTI has been working with industry partners to replace paper forms and records with smart phones and tablets, moving toward digital mobility. The Mobile Energy Suite will serve as a smart, secure solution for document storage and management, and we're already generating significant interest and momentum and are working on proposals for a number of utilities."

With nearly 75 years of experience and about 300 employees throughout the U.S., GTI is a respected leader in the gas and energy industry. Data and integrity management are a core focus at the organization, with initiatives aimed at making accurate, high-quality data readily accessible for analysis and decisionmaking, and to help LDCs meet pipeline and distribution integrity management requirements.

"We are excited to be a part of the innovative move GTI is making, and expect to see the same positive transformations come to the energy sector that we have seen in other complex and highly regulated industries like aviation," shared Kerry Frank, Comply365 CEO.

Comply365's proven and secure platform will enable GTI to deliver the measurable improvements they envision for their clients. "This partnership falls right in line with GTI's growth strategy, focused on expanding the services we provide our customers and increasing the value we bring to them," says Ron Snedic. "We are driving a number of initiatives to assist operators in complying with regulations and reducing risk. This information dissemination system, with enhanced document updating, streamlined visibility and version control, on and offline access, and real-time data flow, offers significant capabilities to do that efficiently and effectively."

About Gas Technology Institute (GTI)
GTI is the leading research, development, and training organization serving the natural gas and energy industry. For nearly 75 years, GTI has been meeting the nation's energy and environmental challenges by developing technology-based solutions for consumers, industry, and government.

About Comply365
Comply365 is an innovative software company that helps companies improve communications, increase efficiency, accelerate productivity and reduce costs with an easy-to-use content distribution platform that makes it easy for users to access and act on content, including documents, forms, tasks, and training. With Comply365’s cloud-based enterprise solutions, companion app on Android, iOS and Windows platforms, business automation, and real-time reporting, clients can work faster and smarter, anywhere, on any device. Founded in 2007, Comply365 has nearly 300,000 users leveraging its cloud-based solutions and best-in-class customer service.

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