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Gas Technology Institute Researchers Win Awards for Contributions to the Natural Gas Industry

GTI Researchers Win Awards for Contributions to the Gas Industry

05/29/15 Des Plaines, IL

A number of GTI researchers were honored at the AGA Operations Conference & Biennial Exhibition May 19-22 in Grapevine, TX, receiving recognition for their roles in developing valuable new technologies for the gas industry.

Alicia Farag VP of LocusView SolutionsAlicia Farag, former GTI employee and Vice President, Operations, of GTI subsidiary LocusView, was honored with the prestigious Distribution Achievement Award. The award recognizes the individual who in the past five years has made a significant contribution to the science and art of gas distribution. Farag has led the development of technology that enables traceability of distribution assets utilizing barcode scanning and GPS technology to create electronic maps and records of assets installed in the field.

Farag has been involved in the gas industry for over a decade, previously managing the Data & Integrity Management research program at GTI. She led the development and commercialization of technologies related to mobile GIS, GPS, tracking and traceability, and risk modeling for asset and integrity management. She is co-founder of LocusView Solutions, which provides comprehensive mobile mapping and field data collection services to the natural gas industry. LocusView partners with clients to provide services through the entire process including hardware selection and acquisition, software configuration, hosting, training, and long-term technical support.

Other GTI staff earned AGA Awards of Merit for their active and continuous service to the Operations Section through participation on technical committees and as leadership in AGA events.

Dennis Jarnecke GTI Program ManagerDennis Jarnecke, GTI Program Manager, received a Gold Award of Merit. Jarnecke has been involved in the gas industry for more than 20 years, with experience in both distribution and transmission. He leads efforts in formulating, developing, and managing R&D infrastructure programs that support LDCs in cost reduction and safety improvements for system operations and maintenance. He created and managed the successful GTI Keyhole program, which develops, tests, and facilitates innovative trenchless technologies for system installations, repairs, and rehabilitation, and has expertise with development, evaluation, testing, and integrity improvement for plastic piping systems. He has led various client-confidential consulting projects with utilities focusing on compliance, risk mitigation, and best practices. Jarnecke was also honored with the Distribution Achievement Award in 2006.

Ernest Lever Director of R&D Energy Delivery and UtilizationErnest Lever, Senior Institute Engineer, and Kristine Wiley, Project Manager, both received the Bronze Award of Merit.

Lever leads GTI's research, testing, development and deployment of plastic pipe, fittings and other products. He has over 20 years of extensive project management, technology development, and R&D experience in the plastic piping industry, and is recognized as an industry leader in electrofusion of plastics, butt fusion, failure mechanisms in plastic, and optimal design of plastic fittings. He has a strong background in Finite Element Analysis (FEA), using his expertise to model the behavior of plastic systems and the slow crack growth behavior of PE piping assemblies, and has developed proprietary FEA modeling tools.

Kristine Wiley GTI Program ManagerAs a Program Manager at GTI, Kristine Wiley is leading numerous projects focused on quantifying methane emissions from various sources and identifying opportunities for reduction in GHG emissions. She has led GTI's efforts to improve methane emission estimates for the natural gas industry, engaging with various stakeholders such as natural gas companies, the Environmental Protection Agency, American Gas Association, Operations Technology Development, and the Environmental Defense Fund. In addition, she is evaluating and developing technologies for leak detection and quantification for gas utilities. In the past, Wiley has also managed numerous projects to enable the safe introduction of various renewable energy sources into the existing natural gas infrastructure, resulting in the creation of several guidance documents and company standards.

Notes GTI President and CEO David Carroll, "These individuals have demonstrated commitment and dedication to improving natural gas operations and engineering, and they are to be commended for their performance and contributions. Their achievements have had a major impact on the market and delivered great value to our customers. GTI's key strengths are our deep understanding of energy issues and the exceptional technical qualifications of our staff, and we are proud to have these experts as part of our team."

About Gas Technology Institute (GTI)
GTI is a leading research, development and training organization that has been addressing global energy and environmental challenges by developing technology-based solutions for consumers, industry, and government for more than 70 years.

About LocusView
LocusView, a Chicago-based subsidiary of Gas Technology Institute (GTI), provides mobile GIS solutions to the natural gas and water industries. Their software solutions allow users to collect field data within a geospatial environment to create rich data-sets and eliminate paper maps and records. LocusView partners with clients to provide services through the entire process including hardware selection and acquisition, software configuration, hosting, and training. They have intimate industry knowledge and the experience to ensure that clients are successful in transitioning to mobile, geospatially enabled data collection.

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