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Reviewing the Economic and Environmental Benefits of Direct Natural Gas Use at the NASEO 2016 Energy Policy Outlook Conference


Dan LeFevers, GTI Senior Program Manager, Energy Delivery & Utilization, participated in a panel session on realizing the benefits of the direct use of natural gas at the National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) 2016 Energy Policy Outlook Conference, held February 10 in Washington, DC.

The increased direct use of natural gas in homes and businesses can reduce primary energy consumption, consumer energy costs, and greenhouse gas emissions goals. State energy efficiency policies and utility, consumer, and business investments in more efficient end-use products mean that the average American home now uses one-third less natural gas than three decades ago. In a recent study, the benefits of direct natural gas were quantified and present compelling options for states and the private sector to reduce emissions and energy costs. This session presents the findings of this important report, and the outlook for natural gas infrastructure needs and opportunities.

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