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GTI President & CEO David Carroll Participates in Vail
Global Energy Forum

The Vail Global Energy Forum Foundation, in partnership with the Stanford University Precourt Institute for Energy and the Stanford University Precourt Energy Efficiency Center, held its fifth annual forum in late January, hosting leaders from around the world in an engaging and thought-provoking examination of the rise and integration of North American economies and energy markets.GTI President David Carroll speaks at the 2016 Vail Global Energy Forum

Areas of focus included creating improvements in energy efficiency, sustainability, clean energy technologies, energy security and supply. Participants at this invitation-only event included distinguished government officials, corporate energy executives, leading research scientists, venture capitalists, investors, entrepreneurs, and world-renowned journalists. David Carroll President & CEO, GTI participated in a panel on the age of natural gas—downstream along with Michael Farina, Market Development Director, GE Global Gas to Power and Tom Jaramillo, Professor, Chemical Engineering, Stanford University. The panel was moderated by Sally Benson, Director, Stanford University Precourt Institute for Energy; Director, Global Climate and Energy Project, and Professor of Energy Resources Engineering.

"This conference was a wonderful opportunity to highlight the critical role that natural gas is playing to underpin the energy transition to cleaner fuels, spur industrial development, and improve the environment. Throughout the event I received positive comments from government and industry leaders alike on the fine work GTI researchers are doing to bring needed innovations to the energy industry," said David Carroll.