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China to Host World’s Largest LNG Conference in 2019

China to Host World’s Largest LNG Conference in 2019

04/18/13 Houston, TX

The world's largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) conference will be held in Beijing, China in 2019.

The co-organizers of the LNG International Conference & Exhibition, Gas Technology Institute (GTI), International Gas Union (IGU), and International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) announced at LNG17 in Houston, TX that the world’s largest liquefied natural gas conference will be held in Beijing, China in 2019 at the China National Convention Center (CNCC).

David Carroll, GTI President & CEO, IGU Vice President, and LNG17 Steering Committee Chairman, says the international gas industry’s decision to host LNG19 in China reflects the importance of China as a growing natural gas market and LNG importer, and the tremendous growth that has occurred throughout Asia. Notes David, “This is the first time in the history of the LNG conference series that China has been chosen as a host. The conference win is a very exciting opportunity and victory for China, and will truly be an attractive event to the global energy community.”

IGU President, Jerome Ferrier, says with China’s plans to import more LNG to help support rising domestic demand, LNG19 provides a great opportunity to showcase the country’s LNG industry and applications and share its enthusiasm and achievements with the rest of the world.

Didier Coulomb, Director of IIR, added that China is active in developing new uses for LNG as well as having a large scientific community that has been working for many years in refrigeration and cryogenics.

The bid to host LNG19 was put forward by Professor An-zhong Gu, Secretary General of the China LNG Association, who started LNG research in China in 1978. China was selected from among a number of strong candidates.

The LNG conference is held every three years and alternates between producing and consuming countries. The next LNG conference is scheduled for Perth, Australia in April 2016.

Gas Technology Institute (GTI)
GTI is a leading research, development and training organization that has been addressing the nation’s energy and environmental challenges by developing technology-based solutions for consumers, industry, and government for over 70 years.

International Gas Union (IGU)
The International Gas Union (IGU) was founded in 1931 and is a worldwide non-profit organization aimed at promoting the technical and economic progress of the gas industry. The Union has more than 120 members worldwide on all continents, representing approximately 95% of the world gas market. The members of the IGU are national associations and corporations of the gas industry worldwide. The IGU's working organization covers all aspects of the gas industry from exploration and production, storage, LNG, distribution and natural gas utilization in all market segments.

International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR)
The International Institute Of Refrigeration (IIR) is the only independent intergovernmental science and technology based organization which promotes knowledge of all refrigeration fields from cryogenics to air conditioning, including liquefied gas, the cold chain, refrigeration processes and equipment, refrigerants and heat pumps. Key issues addressed by the IIR include food safety, h-ealth, energy saving and energy efficiency, global warming and ozone depletion.

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