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  • Taking a Fresh Look at Distributed Generation and CHP
    APGA THE SOURCE Magazine, (Winter 2016)
  • Energy Department Announces $18 Million Investment to Accelerate the Development Plug-In Electric Vehicles and Use of Other Alternative Fuels
    GTI to deploy multi-fuel stations and alternative fuel vehicles along I-94 from Port Huron, Michigan to the North Dakota border to help accelerate vehicle adoption
    ENERGY.GOV, (12/22/2016)
  • Obama Administration Announces New Manufacturing USA Institute
    GTI partners on Rapid Advancement in Process Intensification Deployment (RAPID) Institute for ultra-efficient chemical manufacturing
    The White House, (12/21/2016)
  • U.S. Companies Tackle Hydrogen Economy Bottleneck
    GTI team creating system for producing dimethyl ether as a substitute for diesel fuel
    Triple Pundit, (12/19/2016)
  • U.S. Transportation Secretary Foxx Appoints 24 Members to the New Pipeline Safety Voluntary Information-Sharing System Working Group
    LocusView Solutions’ Alicia Farag appointed to Industry Stakeholders Group
    Public, (12/15/2016)
  • ARPA-E Announces $70 Million in Funding for New Programs to Power Transportation and Store Carbon in Soil
    Through ARPA-E REFUEL program, GTI will develop a reactor to synthesize diesel fuel substitute DME from CO2, hydrogen, and electricity
    ARPA-E, (12/15/2016)
  • ISB6.7 G MidRange Natural Gas Engine Now In Full Production
    GTI partnered with CWI on engine development and on-road vehicle demonstrations
    Pollution Online, (12/08/2016)
  • Oxy-PFBC: Paving the Way to Low-Cost Carbon Capture
    Electric Energy Online, (12/01/2016)
  • Go Green and Save Green with a High-Efficiency Water Heater
    GTI study simulated residential performance of conventional and high-efficiency water heaters
    NewsUSA, (11/30/2016)
  • Mission Laredo: Wolfcamp Wells Exceed Expectations
    Oil and Gas Investor, (11/18/2016)
  • Toshiba Ships Turbine for Net Power Supercritical CO2 Power Plant
    Environmental Leader, (11/07/2016)
  • Industry partners active in federal methane research, speakers say
    Oil and Gas Journal, (11/07/2016)
  • Better methane leak measurements needed, federal officials maintain
    Oil and Gas Journal, (11/03/2016)
  • Laredo Petroleum Announces 2016 Third-Quarter Financial and Operating Results
    Raises Estimated 2016 Production Growth Rate to ~10%
    Laredo Petroleum, (11/02/2016)
  • DOE to test new tech aimed at producing more energy, less fuel
    Agri Pulse, (10/27/2016)
  • DOE-Selected Team to Lead Power Plant Project
    Process Heating, (10/26/2016)
  • Des Plaines group gets funds for clean power plant
    Daily Herald, (10/21/2016)
  • Duckworth Applauds $80 Million Federal Award for Eighth District’s Gas Technology Institute
    U.S. Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth, (10/21/2016)
  • Pilot Test of Pressurized Fluidized Bed Combustion Carbon Capture Technology Kicks Off in Canada
    Power Magazine, (10/19/2016)
  • DOE, Natural Resources Canada Announce Pilot Plant to Advance Oxy-Combustion
    Carbon Capture

    ENERGY.GOV, (10/18/2016)
  • Canada and United States Launch Joint Clean Heat and Power Project at CanmetENERGY Ottawa
    Government of Canda, (10/18/2016)
  • DOE Announces $80 Million Investment to Build Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Pilot Plant Test Facility
    ENERGY.GOV, (10/17/2016)
  • SwRI teaming with GTI to demonstrate supercritical CO2 power plant
    Facility will be located at SwRI’s headquarters in San Antonio
    Southwest Research Institute, (10/17/2016)
  • DOE Announces $13 Million to Quantify and Mitigate Methane Emissions from
    Natural Gas Infrastructure

    ENERGY.GOV, (09/08/2016)
  • Rauner tours, touts two Northwest suburban businesses
    Daily Herald, (09/06/2016)
  • GTI's Rich History as Catalyst for Industry's Future
    Pipeline and Gas Journal, (09/01/2016)
  • Case Study: An Update on DOE, EPA and Energy Star for Foodservice Equipment
    Foodservice Equipment and Supplies, (09/01/2016)
  • Hydraulic Fracturing Technology: Variable-Rate Frac Boosts Production
    American Oil and Gas Reporter, (August 2016)
  • Houston's SES aims to use cleaner coal to power the developing world
    Fuel Fix, (08/24/2016)
  • DOE to award up to $137M for SuperTruck II, Vehicle Technology Office programs
    GTI to Create Training and Guidance for Alternative Fuel Vehicle Workplace Safety Programs
    Green Car Congress, (08/16/2016)
  • San Francisco Receives U.S. Department of Energy Grant to Deploy New Technologies to Reduce Emissions & Protect Air Quality
    BKi-led California Fuel Cell Partnership to provide assistance with deployment of FCEVs
    San Francisco Office of the Mayor, (07/28/2016)
  • Energy Commission Saves Energy Through Research Projects and Loans
    California Energy Commission, (07/13/2016)
  • You Can Be an Energy Efficiency Expert
    Foodservice Equipment Reports, (07/01/2016)
  • The Very Different Field of Commercial Foodservice Research and Development
    APGA THE SOURCE Magazine, (Summer 2016)
  • A New Beat in the Street (Work) Scene
    Pipeline and Gas Journal, (06/24/2016)
  • 75 Years and Counting
    American Gas Magazine (Web Exclusive), (06/23/2016)
  • California Awards $20M in NatGas, Alternative Fuel Transportation Grants
    Gas Intelligence Daily, (06/15/2016)
  • Energy Commission Approves More Than $16 Million to Save Water, Identify Methane Leaks and Secure Natural Gas Infrastructure
    Gas Intelligence Daily, (06/14/2016)
  • CRI Catalyst Company licenses IH2 technology to India-based Sunlight
    Biofuels International, (05/27/2016)
  • Plugged particles pack in natural gas
    Chemical and Engineering News, (05/19/2016)
  • Taming energy hogs with efficient HVAC units
    Cascade Natural Gas, (05/11/2016)
  • Sunnovations Announces Major State-Funded Pilot in Minnesota...
    Partners with GTI and CEE in Year-Long Field Trial
    Aquanta Inc., (04/20/2016)
  • New Ways to Reduce
    Amgas.org, (04/01/2016)
  • Pace becomes first transit agency in Chicagoland, third in Illinois to operate CNG buses
    GTI's engineering support helps bring project to fruition
    Pace, (03/29/2016)
  • Ameren Illinois Joins Operations Technology Development (OTD)
    Operations Technology Development, (03/01/2016)
  • High Level Industry Professionals Confirmed as Plenary Session Speakers for the
    LNG 18 Conference

    Oil & Gas Republic, (02/29/2016)
  • Minnesota Commerce Department awards nearly $2 million in grants for energy conservation
    GTI Receives Award for Study of an Intelligent, Networked, Retrofittable Water Heat Controller
    California Energy Commission Blog, (02/16/2016)
  • Reviewing the Economic and Environmental Benefits of Direct Natural Gas Use at the NASEO 2016 Energy Policy Outlook Conference (02/16/2016)
  • Natural Gas Direct-Use in Net Zero Energy Buildings
    APGA THE SOURCE Magazine (Spring 2016)
  • GTI's President and CEO David Carroll Participates in Vail Global Energy Forum (02/12/2016)
  • Energy Commission Grant Helps Airline Kitchen Land Big Energy Savings
    Fisher-Nickel demonstrates the business value of replacing standard cooking equipment with energy efficient items
    California Energy Commission Blog, (02/03/2016)
  • Ricardo to help develop technology for ultra-low-emission natural gas heavy truck engines
    Ricardo, (01/20/2016)
  • CRI Catalyst licenses IH2 biofuel plant in Europe
    ARC Advisory Group, (01/05/2016)
  • Innovative demonstration biofuel plant to be built in India
    Renewable Energy Magazine, (01/06/2016)
  • IH2 deep-dive: breakthrough technology has commercial-scale in sight
    BioFuels Digest, (01/05/2016)

  • Northwest Suburbs in 60 Seconds: Gas Technology Institute in Des Plaines gets $4.6 million grant
    Daily Herald, (12/29/2015)
  • Duckworth Announces $4.6 Million for Gas Technology Institute in Des Plaines
    U.S. Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth, (12/29/2015)
  • Energy Department Announces New Investments in Supercritical Transformational
    Electric Power (STEP) Program

    EIN News, (12/10/2015)
  • Westport & GTI Awarded $900,000 to Advance Natural Gas Combustion Technology
    Westport, (12/09/2015)
  • New Building America Projects Focus on Building Envelope, Ventilation, and More
    Building America Update Newsletter, November 2015
  • Time To Take A New Look At CHP
    Western Energy Magazine, Fall 2015
  • Oil and Gas Research Eyeing Future, Bridging Gaps
    Pipeline & Gas Journal, November 2015 Vol. 242, No. 11
  • DOE Projects Focus on Building Science
    Durability+Design News, (11/13/2015)
  • IGU Positive Reaction to the IEA World Energy Outlook 2015
    David Carroll, IGU President, Responds Positively
    IGU news release, Oslo, (11/11/2015)
  • Safety in gas usage is Potlaki's priority
    Sasol employee cites GTI’s Chartered Industrial Gas Consultant certification program
    Sowetan LIVE, (10/31/2015)
  • IH2 Technology for Conversion of Agricultural and Municipal Solid Wastes to Drop-in Hydrocarbon Fuels Page 60, PetroFed, the Journal of Petroleum Federation of India, Volume 14, issue 3, July-September 2015
  • Gas availability – key component of energy market development
    GAZPROM, (10/06/2015)
  • Driving to Cleaner Transportation
    Gas Technology Institute
    California Energy Commission, (09/24/2015)
  • Midwest Energy Policy Conference Announces Working Agenda
    Natural Gas Trends and Preferred Use: Explore the changing landscape of natural gas and its impact on the future - Ryan Kerr of Gas Technology Institute (09/21/2015)
  • Crowley Partners with GTI Collaborative for LNG Training at JaxPort
    Crowley, (09/21/2015)
  • GTI to collaborate with China company on coal gasification project
    Daily Herald Business Ledger, (09/15/2015)
  • Ensuring a Qualified Contractor Workforce Through Standardized Training
    Pipeline & Gas Journal, September 2015, Vol. 242, No. 9
  • Woody Biomass Fuel: Consortium Produces 3rd-Generation Renewable Gas
    BioFuels Journal, 3Q 2015 edition
  • Garbage In, Power Out: South Carolina BMW Plant Converts Landfill Gas to Hydrogen Fuel
    ENERGY.GOV, (08/25/2014)
  • DOE Selects 16 Transformational Carbon Capture Technologies Projects for Funding
    ENERGY.GOV, (08/13/2014)
  • NYSERDA Announces Support for Innovative Building Technologies that Reduce Energy Use and Support Business Growth Under REV
    NYSERDA, (08/06/2014)
  • SCRA Completes Energy Project at BMW’s Spartanburg Facility
    SCRA Applied Technologies Blog, (08/03/2014)
  • In the Trenches: Featuring GTI’s Tony Hranicka
    NASTT’s Trenchless Today Magazine, Summer 2015, Volume 5, Issue 2, Page 14
  • US Hybrid Fuel Cell Trucks for Houston
    Fleets & Fuels, (07/21/2015)
  • Houston as a Hydrogen Haven?
    Environmental Defense Fund, (07/07/2015)
  • US Hybrid Fuel Cell Trucks for Houston
    Fleets & Fuels, (07/21/2015)
  • GTI Steps Up LNG Marine Training
    HHP Insight, (07/01/2015)
  • IH2 Technology Licensed for Demonstration Plant
    BioFuels Digest, (06/23/2015)
  • Looking at next-generation biofuel, converting waste into fuel: Brekelmans of Shell
    Business Today in, (06/22/2015)
  • OTD Introduces European Flow-Stopping Technology to North American Market
    GTI leads project to identify international technology for U.S. gas industry
    Operations Technology Development, (06/11/2015)
  • Northwest Partners Unite to Increase Gas Efficiency Options for Customers
    Western Energy, Spring 2015
  • Advanced Combustion Systems Projects Selected for Funding
    GTI to Perform Project on Flue Gas Water Vapor Latent Heat Recovery for
    Pressurized Oxy-Combustion ENERGY.GOV, (06/08/2015)
  • Defining Zero Energy and the Pathway to Achieving It Explored at ASHRAE Conference
    ASHRAE, (06/01/2015)
  • On having the courage of your convictions
    Interview with GTI’s Peter Witty
    Crain's Chicago Business, (05/15/2015)
  • Profile: David Carroll​
    The incoming International Gas Union president discusses the growing role of natural gas in the world and IGU’s mission to help people see natural gas as "the fuel of not just today, but tomorrow." American Gas Magazine, (May 2015)
  • Converting Landfill Gas to Hydrogen: A Novel Green Energy Initiative – EngenuitySC’s Science Café with Russ Keller, May 12, 2015
    Midlandsbiz, (05/11/2015)
  • New Mid Range Natural Gas Engine Unveiled at ACT Expo
    Westport, (05/05/2015)
  • Energy Department Invests $4 Million to Strengthen Building America Industry Partnerships for High Performance Housing Innovation
    GTI to develop systems approach for managing air sealing, ventilation, and air distribution (05/05/2015)
  • IH Technology: Case Studies for Refinery Integration
    White Paper
    Hydrocarbon Processing (April 2015)
  • The Learning Curve
    New GTI field skills training program for utilities and their contractors
    The Source (Summer 2015)
  • California Energy Commission Awards R&D Grant to Enerpulse Technologies
    Enerpulse to Lower Emissions With High-Energy NatGas Ignition System
    CNN Money, (03/31/15)
  • IH2® Technology Licensed to Leading Global Forest Products Company
    Producing liquid transportation fuels from woody biomass
    BUSINESS WIRE, (03/30/15)
  • Energy Department Invests $10M Through the Fuel Cell Technologies Incubator Funding Opportunity to Support Innovations in Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Fuel Technologies
    GTI to assess the technical and economic feasibility of thermal compression for hydrogen fueling stations and demonstrate the concept
    ENERGY.GOV, (02/25/15)
  • Energy Department Announces $10 Million to Develop Innovative Bioenergy Technologies
    GTI to develop process to catalytically convert biomass and methane into hydrocarbon
    liquid fuels and chemicals
    ENERGY.GOV, (02/20/15)
  • Algae Biomass Organization Appoints Two New Members to Board of Directors
    Algae Biomass Organization, (02/10/15)
  • Algae Biomass Organization Kicks Off Planning for 2015 Algae Biomass Summit
    Algae Biomass Organization, (01/28/15)
  • Minnesota Department of Commerce Awards 2014 CARD Grant Recipients for Energy Savings
    GTI Receives $194,000 Award for Commercial Clothes Dryer Field Test
    Minnesota Department of Commerce, (01/20/15)
  • Interview with William Burnett, Formerly of the Gas Research Institute
    Breakthrough Generation, (01/02/15)
  • Emergency Response Systems For DHS, Naturals Gas Industry Under Development
    Underground Construction, (01/01/15)
  • GTI Hosts Shale Exchange in Pittsburgh
    North American Oil & Gas Pipelines, (12/31/14)
  • Algae Biomass Organization Welcomes Gas Technology Institute as New Corporate Member
    Algae Biomass Organization, (12/18/14)
  • Distributed power with advanced clean coal gasification technology
    SES using GTI-developed gasification technology that reduces capital investment
    PennEnergy.com, (12/05/14)
  • Energy Department Announces New Investments in Gasification Research
    ENERGY.GOV, (11/06/14)
  • New Field Laboratories and Related Research To Help Promote Environmentally Prudent Development of Unconventional Resources
    ENERGY.GOV Office of Fossil Energy, (11/06/14)
  • New Field Laboratories and Related Research To Help Promote Environmentally Prudent Development of Unconventional Resources
    National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) Office of Fossil Energy, (11/05/14)
  • More than 1,700 gas wells awaiting connections
    GTI's Shale Exchange Workshop
    Pittsburgh Business Times, (10/29/14)
  • Sustainable conversion of coffee and other crop wastes to biofuels and bioproducts using coupled biochemical and thermochemical processes in a multi-stage biorefinery concept
    GTI's Al Darzins co-authors article
    Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology Magazine, September 2014
  • GTI Working with DHS and Utilities on Complementary Systems for Responding to Emergencies
    NGA News, September 2014, Issue 11, Volume 9, page 7
  • Duke Energy Joins OTD
    GTI-managed collaborative program OTD adds new member
    Operations Technology Development, (09/17/14)
  • Best Estimates: Developing New Quantification Protocol For Methane Emissions Reduction
    Sneak preview from September issue
    Pipeline and Gas Journal, (09/11/14)
  • California Energy Commission Approves $13 Million in Grants for Natural Gas Technologies and Advances in Biofuels
    The California Energy Commission, (09/10/14)
  • GTL ’14: Executive insight into new gas-to-liquids technologies
    Aerojet Rocketdyne and GTI co-present on turboexpander syngas generation
    Hydrocarbon Processing, (07/31/14)
  • California Energy Commission approves $46.6M for hydrogen refueling and $2.8M for EV charging projects
    GTI awarded $1million to design, fabricate, test and deploy commercial mobile hydrogen refueler
    Green Car Congress, (07/24/14)
  • Pilot Plant's Success Boosts Bio Gasoline
    Integrated synthesis method for gasification converts wood into renewable fuel
    Chemical Processing Magazine, (07/23/14)
  • DOE wants to mobilize subsurface engineering R&D efforts
    Oil & Gas Journal, (07/22/14)
  • Biofuel Rivals Emerge, Part I
    Downstream Business, (07/14/14)
  • Chicago Council Selects 22 Emerging Leaders Who Will Strengthen
    Chicago's Status as a Global City
    GTI's Alicia Farag Chosen to Participate
    Power Engineering, (07/09/14)
  • Once in a Generation
    Next June the U.S. will move into the presidency of the IGU
    American Gas, June 2014
  • Broad collaboration called for to advance pipeline safety technology
    SNL News, (06/24/14)
  • GTI shows viable method for conversion of biomass into gas
    Pulp and Paper News, (06/19/14)
  • Pulp fact: Des Plaines company turns wood into gas
    Daily Herald Business Ledger, (06/18/14)
  • Group achieves pilot-scale production of gasoline from woody biomass
    Pulp and Paper Canada, (06/18/14)
  • Helping Operators Comply With New IVP Regulations
    Pipeline and Gas Journal, June 2014, Vol. 241 No. 6
  • GTI announces production of high-octane renewable gasoline
    Biomass Magazine, (06/12/14)
  • Houston company plans to power China
    Houston Business Journal, (06/12/14)
  • Renewable Gasoline from Wood: A Transportation Fuel of the Future?
    Progress Illinois, (06/06/14)
  • Duckworth tours Des Plaines ‘green’ gas business
    Daily Herald, (06/06/14)
  • The Duckworth Diary
  • Methane Leaks: An Industry Challenge In A Carbon-Sensitive Age
    Pipeline and Gas Journal, May 2014
  • California Dreamin’ Makes Hydrogen Future a Reality
    GTI to provide mobile refueler unit
    Alternative Energy eMagazine, April/May 2014
  • Plastic Pipes Conference to Highlight New Trends
    GTI Member of Organizing Committee
    Water and Wastes Digest, (05/19/14)
  • Mayer Brown 9th Annual Global Energy Conference
    GTI's President and CEO David Carroll discusses the rise of US unconventional gas production
    Oil & Gas Journal, (05/15/14)
  • DCA, AGA Utility Contractor Workshop Draws 140 to Chicago
    North American Oil & Gas Pipelines, (05/08/14)
  • Bentley Introduces Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) for Intelligent 3D Models for Underneath Construction Zones
    Technology Developed as Part of GTI-Led Transportation Research Board (TRB) Project
    Informed Infrastructure, (05/01/14)
  • Seeking savings when filling up, fleets turn to propane, natural gas
    Milwaukee Journal Sentinal, (04/22/14)
  • WIPO Publishes Patent of Gas Technology Institute for "Producing Fractionated And Upgraded Fuels From Biomass"
    World Intellectual Property Organization, April 2014
  • Exploring the Possibilities: The NETL Power Plant Water Program
    GTI Tests Transport Membrane Condenser (TMC) in coal-fired boiler flue gas slipstream
    Cornerstone Magazine, Spring 2014
  • Advanced Cooling Technologies for Water Savings at Coal-Fired Power Plants
    GTI Collaborates with EPRI on Dew-Point Cooling Concept
    Cornerstone Magazine, Spring 2014
  • It's Time Natural Gas Operators Go Mobile
    Geospatial Today, Aprial 2014
  • Advanced Cooling and Water Treatment Technology Concepts for Power Plants
    EPRI and GTI Investigating Dew-Point Cooling Tower Concept
    Power Magazine (04/01/14)
  • Gas industry shrugs of job loss worries
    The Australian (04/01/14)
  • GTI Awarded New Patent on Purging and Debris Removal From Holes
    Patent No.: 8,664,563 (03/04/14)
  • "Renewable Gasoline" from Wood
    PowerSpectrum, Issue 2 - No. 1/2014
  • Fast-Track Mapping: New Solution for Tracing Utility Assets
    Pipeline & Gas Journal, February 2014 Vol. 241 No. 2
  • GTI gets ARPA-E funding to develop double-reflector hybrid solar energy system
    Green Car Congress (02/07/14)
  • APGA Sends out Fuel Switching Survey to Membership Survey Developed by GTI and APGA/AGA Working Group
    APGA Public Gas News (01/27/14)
  • Illinois fracking law has big loophole, environmentalists say
    Chicago Tribune - Online (01/24/14)
  • Kelley Drye And Navigant Co-Host Energy Thought Leadership Program
    GTI’s Eddie Johnston Sits on Advisory Board for Energy Thought Leaders Forum (01/17/14)
  • Innovations in Workforce Training, Education
    Pipeline and Gas Journal, January 2014, Vol. 241 No. 1
  • Changing Our Fuels to Change Our Future—Alternative Fuels Deployment Project Ad
    Crain’s Chicago Business, Vol. 36, No. 52
  • Synthesis Energy Systems, GE Packaged Power, ISTROENERGO and TUTEN Sign First LOI in Power Vertical Sector With Karachi Electric Supply Company
    Synthesis Energy Systems (01/01/14)
  • GTI's Al Darzins Among the Top 300 People in the Bioeconomy
    Biofules Digest (12/31/13)
  • GTI: Unlocking the Global Potential of Natural Gas
    Resources Quarterly Winter 2013
  • Synthesis Energy Systems Commences Syngas Operations at Zao Zhuang Plant
    Synthesis Energy Systems (12/18/13)
  • Ubisense Launches VeroTrack 2.0 Enabling Natural Gas Utilities to Achieve Greater Surveying Efficiency
    Ubisense (12/03/13)
  • Governor Cuomo Announces $4.8 Million for Projects to Develop Advanced Technologies for More Energy Efficient Buildings
    GTI working with NY utilities to demonstrate hybrid heat pump hydronic water heater system
    NY Governor's Press Office (11/19/13)
  • Energy Department Investments in Innovative Carbon Capture Projects
    GTI to conduct pilot-scale test of CO2 capture from coal-fired flue gas
    ENERGY.gov (11/18/13)
  • Home Fuel Advantage: How new technology promises to spark NGV ownership
    The Lifestyle Source, Winter 2013
  • Race To Create Pyrolysis Biofuels Gets Hot
    Chemical and Engineering News, Volume 91 Issue 45, (11/11/13)
  • 3-GIS Mobile with Android 2.1 Released to Market
    3-GIS worked with GTI and OTD over the past 18 months to design and develop application with gas industry functionality
    3-GIS (11/04/13)
  • APGA Research Foundation Hosts Another Successful Fall Research and Development Forum
    Public Gas News, pages 3 & 6 (10/21/13)
  • Gaining Gasification Ground
    Biomass Magazine (10/07/13)
  • Ultrathin, Molecular-Sieving Graphene Oxide Membranes for Selective Hydrogen Separation
    Co-authored by GTI’s Shiguang Li
    Science Magazine (10/04/13)
  • ARPA-E selects 33 projects for $66M in awards; advanced biocatalysts for gas-to-liquids and lightweight metals
    Green Car Congress (09/19/13)
  • GTI CEO Speaks at APGA Annual Conference
    Public Gas News, page 6, (08/26/13)
  • SENSIT Technologies Introduces New Pipe Locating Technology to Help Prevent Unnecessary Excavations and Third-Party Damage
    ULTRA-TRAC APL – Acoustic Pipe Locator is a new technology with the promise to provide accurate location data about buried piping systems
    San Francisco Chronicle (08/26/13)
  • Emerging Technology Program Provides Foothold for Efficiency Breakthroughs
    Contracting Business (08/20/13)
  • Gas-to-Liquids Comes of Age in a World Full of Gas
    Journal of Petroleum Technology (August 2013)
  • Accelerating the Market Acceptance of Gas Technologies
    The Source (Fall 2013)
  • Houston oilman, philanthropist George P. Mitchell dead at 94
    Oil & Gas Journal (07/26/13)
  • Water Issues Challenge Power Generators
    GTI cooling tower technology results in 15% to 20% less cooling water and makeup water usage
    POWER Magazine (07/01/13)
  • Haldor Topsoe and partners produce biobased gasoline
    Biomass Magazine (06/26/13)
  • Natural gas lab approaches KCC about customer surcharge
    Fees would support research on safety, efficiency
    Topeka Capital-Journal (06/24/13)
  • Northwest suburban vehicle technology company takes major step to promote use of natural gas (CNG) vehicles in Chicagoland
    Chicago Tribune (06/18/13)
  • Israel - U.S. Binational Industrial R&D (BIRD) Foundation to Invest $11 Million in 14 New Projects
    Nortec (Israel) and Gas Technology Institute (Des Plaines, IL) will collaborate to develop and manufacture an advanced barcoding solution for underground asset lifecycle tracking
    Wall Street Journal (06/17/13)
  • Synthesis Energy Systems Joins Distributed Power Stampede
    SES to produce syngas fuel for power generation using gasification technology licensed from GTI
    Forbes Online, (06/16/13)
  • Unlocking the Potential of Unconventional Gas
    Special To Pipeline & Gas Journal March 2013
  • The GTI Forum: A Worthwhile Event
    The Source Spring 2013
  • Smart grid investment group powers up
    Formal launch for Energy Foundry; GTI part of high-powered network of mentors
    Chicago Tribune (02/1/13)
  • Gas technology deals emerge from aggressive pursuit of partners in China
    EnergyWire (01/14/13)
  • Synthesis Energy Systems Achieves First Methanol Production from Yima Joint Venture Project
    Uses Proprietary Gasification Technology Licensed from GTI
    Synthesis Energy Systems (01/07/13)
  • Catalysts are the key to using biomass as fuel
    Pulp & Paper International magazine (12/17/12)
  • Titanium Corporation Announces Award of Patent for Breakthrough Oil Sands Tailings Technology
    Titanium Corporation (12/12/12)
  • The latest trends in restaurant equipment efficiency
    NRN - Online (12/11/12)
  • GTI, Spyglass Plan Platform To Manage Microorganisms In Oil And Gas
    Pipeline & Gas Journal (12/01/12)
  • DOE's ARPA-E funds 60 projects, includes biofuels, bioenergy
    Biomass Magazine (11/29/12)
  • RPSEA advances 15 unconventional projects
    Oil & Gas Journal (11/28/12)
  • Research Projects Addressing Technical Challenges to Environmentally Acceptable Shale Gas Development Selected by DOE
    U.S. DOE (11/28/12)
  • Alternative Fuel Vehicle Projects Receive Fresh Injection Of Funding
    NGT News (11/19/12)
  • Coal Gasification: An Old Idea Gets Advanced Tech Rebirth in China
    AOL Energy (11/13/12)
  • GTI, SPT Ink Framework Cooperation Agreement in Beijing
    SPT Energy Group Inc. (11/09/12)
  • Pilot Project Demonstrates Value of Marker Ball Technology in Preventing Excavation Damage
    Operations Technology Development (11/09/12)
  • Natural Gas: America's Future Electric Grid?
    Forbes Energy (11/03/12)
  • California Energy Commission Offers Big Help for Whole-House Home Performance Contractors
    Herald - Online (10/31/12)
  • Synthesis Energy Systems Announces Closing of $8.7 Million Hongye Equity Investment
    Synthesis Energy Systems (10/24/12)
  • Renewable Resources Drive Pilot Developments
    Efforts target biofuels as well as advanced coatings and materials
    ChemicalProcessing.com (10/23/12)
  • Leading Experts to Speak at LNG 17, USA
    LNG World News (10/22/12)
  • Intelligent Utility Installation Report Offers New Methodology for Asset Data Capture
    Report offers new methodology for asset data capture (10/19/12)
  • Sacramento heating and air conditioning Company offers new programs for winter heater repair
    Free Press Releases (10/16/12)
  • Clean Energy Fuels and Westport Innovations Look to Benefit as Access to NGV Infrastructure on the Rise
    Market Wire (10/09/12)
  • New Adsorbed Methane Gas Storage Technology Being Explored
    NGV Global News (10/09/12)
  • Increase your boiler's useful life
    Plant Services – Online (10/04/12)
  • Measured Home Performance Upgrades Deliver a Whole-House Load of Benefits
    Business Wire (09/26/12)
  • New fueling technology expands range of NGVs
    Oil and Gas Financial Journal (09/17/12)
  • A Chicago company brings power to the People's Republic
    Crain's Chicago Business – Online (09/15/12)
  • Ultimate Launches CNG ‘FuelMule’ (08/28/12)
  • Fueling the Future With Renewable Gasoline and Diesel
    Science Daily (08/20/12)
  • GTI Developing Biomass Conversion Technology
    Algae Industry Magazine.com (08/12/12)
  • Fossil fuel use threatened in federal buildings
    How will EISA Section 433 impact direct use of natural gas?
    The Source Fall 2012
  • Eight Oxy-Combustion Projects Get DOE Awards to Advance CCUS (07/31/12)
  • Advantages of natural gas cars lost in buzz for electrics
    Chicago Tribune (07/29/12)
  • Technological breakthrough could lower cost of natural gas tanks
    Chicago Tribune – Online (07/29/12)
  • Northwestern, NuMat Technologies, and GTI Land U.S. Department of Energy Funding for Work on Natural Gas Vehicles (07/23/12)
  • US Department of Energy Invests $2.4 M for Real-World Performance Tracking of Hydrogen Refuelling Systems to Enable Cost Reductions
    GTI receives $400,000 award to analyze data from hydrogen fueling stations (07/20/12)
  • Natural gas vehicles: A growth opportunity for utilities
    The Source Summer 2012
  • Renewable Gas: Is it ready for prime time?
    American Gas Magazine July 2012
  • ARPA-E Announces New Projects to Advance Innovative Natural Gas Vehicle Technologies
    Several GTI Projects Selected (07/12/12)
  • Synthesis Energy Systems Announces Successful Testing of High Ash Coal Under Joint Study Agreement with Ncondezi Coal Company (07/10/12)
  • Synthesis Energy Systems Completes Testing of Turkish Lignite Coals for Small Scale Power Generation Projects (06/25/12)
  • 3-GIS and GTI Bring High Accuracy GPS to Smart Phones and Tablets for Field Data Collection (06/20/12)
  • Synthesis Energy Systems Announces Equity Investments Totaling $15.5 Million (06/18/12)
  • The National Fuel Gas Company names David C. Carroll as new director of corporate board (06/08/12)
  • SIU gets $300K in Obama clean coal investment (06/07/12)
  • California Invests $35M in Green Fuel Technologies
    GTI receives $4.6 million for demonstration of hybrid trucks and a natural gas heavy-duty engine (06/01/12)
  • Report addresses landfill gas pipeline injection issues
    Biomass Magazine - Online (05/31/12)
  • US Patent Issued to Gas Technology Institute for Biofuel Production by High Temperature Non-Faradaic Electrochemical Modification of Catalysis (05/22/12)
  • Synthesis Energy Systems Announces India Coal Test Agreement (05/14/12)
  • Innovator: Harness city’s windy
    Chicago Sun-Times - Online (05/04/12)
  • Record US Natural Gas Demand Boosts Outlook for Robust Growth
    GTI Technology Supporting Energy Efficiency, Environmental and Productivity Benfits
    News from Organisations Affiliated to IGU Spring 2012
  • Natural gas production has power to fuel Illinois economy
    Crain's Chicago Business – Online (04/28/12)
  • Natural Gas Booming
    Fox Business Network Video Segment (04/26/12)
  • WATCHING GOVERNMENT: The Road to Breakthroughs
    Oil & Gas Journal (04/23/12)
  • Fuelling the future with renewable gasoline and diesel
    Renewable Energy Magazine (04/23/12)
  • Waste Management Dedicates Illinois' Largest Commercial CNG Fueling Facility
    Recycling Today (04/23/12)
  • Ubisense VeroTrack® Gas Leak Detection Software Deployed at Three North American Utilities (04/23/12)
  • Not heating the neighborhood
    Chicago Sun Times (04/20/12)
  • GTI showcases IH biomass-to-liquid hydrocarbon fuel pilot plant
    Green Car Congress (04/18/12)
  • Des Plaines company turns wood into gas
    Daily Herald (04/18/12)
  • Chicago Captures CO2 for Conversion to Hydrocarbons (04/17/12)
  • AGA to host LNG 17 (04/17/12)
  • Biomass integration in refineries: coming soon...
    Global Technology Forum (04/11/12)
  • Gas Technology Institute launches emerging energy efficiency technology program in North America (03/28/12)
  • Society for Technical Communications Honors Three Energetics Publications
    GTI Partners on Award-Winning Case Study on the Demonstration of Propane CHP at Kauai Marriott (03/07/12)
  • 3-GIS Partners with GTI to Develop HCA Application for the Gas Industry (02/21/12)
  • Cummins Westport 12-Liter Natural Gas Engine Undergoes Field Trials
    GTI Supporting CWI with Development and Demonstration of Medium and Heavy-Duty Natural Gas Engines (02/20/12)
  • Synthesis Energy Systems Announces Agreement for Feasibility Study With Ncondezi Coal Company (02/09/12)
  • State regulators eye continuing pipeline safety challenges (02/09/12)
  • Breen Adds FLGR (Fuel Lean Gas Reburn) Technology to Acid Gas Management Solution Set (02/03/12)
  • Toward a Smarter Gas Pipeline Grid
    Pipeline & Gas Journal - Online (02/01/12)
  • Underground Des Plaines: Energy Research Nonprofit a Real Gas (01/26/12)
  • Future of fracking holds promise for U.S. energy outlook (01/17/12)
  • R&D Areas Key To Improving Fracturing
    American Oil & Gas Reporter Article by Guy Lewis and Kent Perry
  • Shale Gas Technology: 30 Years in the Making (01/10/12)
  • GTI and CONSOL Energy Elected by Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC) to lead Research Collaborative Committee (01/04/12)

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