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Our R&D efforts are customer-driven initiatives that deliver products and technologies with bottom-line impact for our business and industry partners—and their end users.

For decades, GTI has been a leader in developing solutions designed to secure an economic, reliable, and clean energy future. Our track record includes the development of nearly 500 products, 750 licenses, and more than 1,300 patents. Through a variety of business arrangements, GTI provides the expertise and support needed to commercialize energy-related technology.

  • E&P products and services introduced to the market by GTI help producers extract unconventional natural gas resources at competitive prices.
  • Technologies for gasification and solutions for comprehensive fuels processing are adding resources to the energy portfolio and extracting the most value from natural gas resources
  • Technically viable and cost-effective distribution and pipeline equipment and processes help to maintain a safe and reliable infrastructure
  • Energy-efficient end-use equipment and appliances developed at GTI help reduce greenhouse gases and minimize environmental impact, while expanding the cost-effective use of natural gas