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Unconventional Gas - Commercialized Products 

​E&P products and services introduced to the market by GTI help producers extract unconventional natural gas resources at competitive prices.


Picture of ice covered pipes. Produced Water ManagementCrystal Solutions, LLC Gas production often also brings large quantities of briny water to the surface that must be managed and disposed of carefully. Crystal Solutions, LLC offers a unique and cost-effective method for produced-water treatment that capitalizes on naturally occurring temperature variations to reduce water management costs.
Picture of a Pinnacle Technologoes field worker. Fracture DiagnosticsPinnacle Technologies Hydraulic fracturing is a widely used but expensive method to open or widen cracks in "tight" rock formations to help gas flow more easily to the wellbore. Pinnacle Technologies offers a suite of services designed to help gas producers plan and conduct the most effective and economical hydraulic fracturing operations.
A screenshot of the Fracpro modeling software. Fracpro® fracture design modeling softwareCARBO Ceramics Inc. This 3-D hydraulic fracture modeling was validated by mini-frack and post-frack measurements to establish a scientific basis. It was not just the analytical models, but GTI developed diagnostics and ran lab experiments in the field to determine where a fracture goes (propagates), how far it goes, and what are the parameters that control its destiny.

FRACPRO was the first model for design of hydraulic fractures that also included the real-time monitoring of fracturing parameters such as rate, pressure, and viscosity. This model is still used by the industry.

In coalbed methane and tight gas sands, GRI’s fracture models were critical. One of GRI’s shallow coalbed methane wells was mined back, so pictures of the actual fractures were taken as the seams were exposed and this provided amazing validation.


​Legacy Technical Achievements

  • Diagnostic tools and technologies to exploit coal gas, shale gas, and low-permeability formations
    • Enhanced seismic spectral processor (2002)
    • High power vertical seismic profile (VSP) mechanical seismic source (1999)
    • Seismic survey design software
    • STEP test for permeability measurement in coalbed methane
    • Cross-well seismic imaging tomography (1998)
    • Single well seismic
    • Azimvel software imaging
    • Microseismic imaging
    • Natural fracture mapping system (SNL)
    • Fracturing:
      • Stress profiling technique giving strength of formations above and below fracture zone
      • Fracture height measurement technique
      • Downhole pressure profile monitoring
    • Coiled tubing guidelines (1999), slim hole drilling (1997), underbalanced drilling manual (1997)
  • Through-casing resistivity density, pressure measurement tools for formation analysis (Halliburton, Schlumberger, and Baker Hughes)
  • Cement pulsation tool
  • Jet assist drilling tool
  • Downhole pressure profile monitoring
  • Wellbore stability
  • Underbalanced completions
  • 3-D reservoir characterizations
  • Well siting In carbonates
  • Cybergeologist
  • S. Louisiana deep gas

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