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End Use - Commercialized Products 

​At GTI, we’re focusing on commercialization issues early in the process, so we’re able to meet market needs for price and performance – faster. Following are some recently commercialized products, developed with GTI, its partners like Utilization Technology Development (UTD), and manufacturing partners.


Picture of a small scale natural gas liquefier. Small-Scale Natural Gas LiquefierLinde Gas The Linde Gas small-scale methane liquefaction system is used for remote gas recovery, bio-gas (such as agricultural waste, sewage, and landfill gas), and liquefaction of gas from pipelines for use in fleets, off-grid fueling and other specialty natural gas markets. Commercial systems range from10,000 to over 30,000 gallons per day.

GTI has developed a small-scale LNG production technology which has been licensed to GTI’s commercialization partner, Linde. This technology can be used to create LNG from biomass recovery, stranded natural gas reserves, landfill gas, wastewater bio-gas and digester gas.
Picture of the Ultramizer. Ultramizer®Cannon Boiler Works Developed to enable efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally clean natural gas-fired processes by capturing sensible and latent waste heat and water vapor from exhaust flue gases, Transport Membrane Condenser (TMC) serves as the foundation of an Advanced Heat Recovery System (AHRS) that can—when used with industrial and commercial boilers—boost fuel-to-steam efficiency to as high as 95% (on a higher heating value basis), while also recovering usable, clean water from the natural gas combustion products. GTI licensed the TMC technology to Cannon Boiler Works, and in 2011, Ultramizer®, a next-generation boiler economizer system featuring TMC technology was introduced to the market. GTI is currently working with the U.S. Army’s Construction Engineering Research Laboratory to deploy the Ultramizer product at Rock Island Arsenal. The first non-boiler application of the TMC technology at L. & N. Costume and Linen Service—the laundry and dry cleaner for Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA—reports significant energy and water savings.
Picture of the Alzeta CSB burner. CSB BurnerAlzeta Corporation Alzeta CSB burners use patented fully-premixed surface-stabilized combustion technology to provide the simplest ultra-low NOx solution in the industry.
Pciture of a high luminosity burner. PrimeFire 400 High Luminosity BurnerEclipse A more luminous oxy-fuel flame provides increased heat transfer rate and lower nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. Widely used in glass manufacturing and other industrial applications where oxy-fuel burners are used.
Picture of a glass melter using the submerged combustion melting technology. Submergered Combustion Melting (SCM) Technology With a lower upfront capital investment, lower energy consumption, smaller equipment size, and greater operating flexibility, SCM technology is viable as an alternative to traditional glass melting systems. It has the potential to consume less energy and lower emissions at 80% lower capital cost. Instead of a single large tank melter, the new process being developed by the GTI and industry team comprises several segments—high-intensity melting, homogenization, rapid refining, and heat recovery. An industrial licensee of the SCM technology has recently started a proprietary material production plant using this revolutionary technology and negotiations are ongoing with several other licensees. Contact GTI to inquire about licensing the SCM technology.
Picture of a burner with the Reverse-annulus single-ended radiant tube. RASERT™ Radiant Tube HeatingNorth American Manufacturing Co. Reverse-annulus single-ended radiant tube (RASERT™) technology increases productivity rates, raises thermal efficiency, reduces NOx emissions, and lowers maintenance and downtime for industrial heat treating and other indirect heating applications.
Picture of the Cummins Westport 8.9L natural gas vehicle engine. Cummins Westport 8.9L NGV engineCummins Westport Inc. This is the first engine certified to the highly stringent California 2010 standards for heavy-duty vehicle engines. It achieves emission levels below the 0.2 g NOx/hp-hr requirement while retaining high shaft efficiency.
Picture of a hydrogen fueling system. Hydrogen Fueling SystemGreenField Compression GreenField Compression is introducing new, integrated hydrogen fueling systems housed in protective, fully-enclosed skid-mounted containers with capabilities that include hydrogen generation, fuel clean-up, storage, and dispensing.
Picture of the PureCell fuel cell powerplant. PureCell® Model 200 Power SystemUTC Power The PureCell® system is a clean, efficient, reliable fuel cell powerplant. It produces 200 kilowatts of assured power, plus about 900,000 Btu/hr of heat for combined heat and power (CHP) applications.
Picture of a Pitco Frialator high efficiency fryer. High Efficiency FryersPitco Frialator Pitco Frialator offers a comprehensive line of fryers for the commercial foodservice industry. Solstice Supreme High Efficiency Series fryers have the highest gas efficiency ratings and now incorporate self-cleaning burner technology to reduce customer ownership costs.
Picture of a Avantec conveyor oven. Conveyor OvenAvantec The Avantec Conveyor oven uses a patented airflow system and the most advanced technology available to ensure even, consistent baking of each and every product. It is available with a 42" chamber in single and double-belt models, for ultimate stacking flexibility.
Picture of a Vulcan-Hart rapid recovery griddle. Rapid Recovery GriddleVulcan-Hart Vulcan griddles are labor-saving performers for high-volume operations, producing quality results. These griddles are Energy-Star rated, with improved surface temperature uniformity, increased production capacity, and reduced heat-up time.
Picture of a Stellar Sirius gas-fired steamer. Gas-Fired SteamerStellar Sirius Stellar has designed steamers to provide greater functionality, superior energy efficiency, quicker cook times and lower maintenance costs. All of these benefits result from Stellar steamers' innovative design, particularly its patented cooking compartment, which is constructed of cast aluminum to heat up faster and hold heat longer.
Picture of the INEX composite radiant tubes. Composite Radiant TubesInex Incorporated For gas-fired furnaces, Composite Radiant Tubes can replace conventional metal alloy and mullite radiant tubes and deliver more heat to the furnance to improve productivity, while also resisting thermal shock and burnout to reduce maintenance costs and downtime for a variety of industrial process heating applications.
Picture of the GTI-GE Zenith Controls Entellisys Switchgear. GE Zenith Controls Entellisys® SwitchgearGE Consumer and Industrial GE Zenith Controls and GTI developed paralleling switchgear for distributed generation (DG) systems that offer lower capital costs; plug-and-play simplicity; integration with leading natural gas engine-generator set manufacturers; conformity with basic electric utlitlity interconnection requirementsa; conformity with existing or projected industry standards; remote monitoring, communications, and control functions.
Picture of Intertie Protection Relays. Intertie Protection RelaysBeckwith Electric Co. Inc. The M-3410A and M-3520 Intertie protection Relays meet the challenges of utility DG (distributed generations). The primary objectives of these relays are to provide economy and integrations of functions. They provide protection against islanding and fault backfeed, as well as damaging system conditions and abnormal power flows.
Picture of a ComfortDry residential desiccant dehumidifier. ComfortDry™ 400 Residential Desiccant DehumidifierNovelAire® Comfort Products This advanced space-conditioning system was developed for residential and light-commercial buildings with humidity or allergen concerns prevail.


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