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Analyzing the potential to manufacture synthetic LPG and bio-LPG


To compete in the growing biofuels market, the propane industry is researching new processes for propane production from renewable sources. The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) hired GTI to conduct a study that evaluates synthetic propane and biopropane production methods and determines the economic viability of biopropane and DME production technologies. The report includes a strategy for the full-scale commercial production of biopropane and synthetic propane; an evaluation of the major risks and uncertainties for the relevant technologies; and an analysis of related government programs. With research results that confirm the potential for biopropane to become an important part of meeting the growing demand for domestic and renewable energy sources, PERC may consider supporting continued development of methods to produce biopropane, synthetic propane, and DME, as well as demonstrations and other activities to promote awareness of these fuels.​


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