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Decreasing the cost and environmental impact of processing coal


To lower energy costs, provide a cleaner alternative fuel source and strengthen the nation's energy security, GTI is advancing coal gasifier technology with Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne Inc. (PWR) for fuels, chemicals, and power generation applications. PWR installed a pilot-plant scale advanced compact gasifier at GTI’s Advanced Gasification Test Facility (AGTF) in 2009.

Commercial versions of the new gasifier will be about one-tenth the size of competing technologies, making it unique, and it will be able to operate with all ranks of coal. With funding from PWR and its partners, GTI is conducting pilot-scale development testing of the advanced coal gasifier with a variety of feedstocks in the AGTF, including PWR’s ultra-dense phase feeding system, rapid-mixing injector, and advanced syngas cooling technology.​


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