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An initiative launched by GTI has established parameters for evaluating the suitability of biomethane products—derived from dairy waste and landfills—for safe and proper introduction into existing natural gas pipelines and to assure compatibility with existing supplies.

A GTI report titled "Guidance Document for the Introduction of Landfill-Derived Renewable Gas into Natural Gas Pipelines" provides analytical and other key information to pipeline companies and natural gas local distribution companies (LDCs) so that parameters specific to clean biomethane can be identified to support a productive discussion between these parties and the suppliers for contract development.

Before that, GTI scientists developed the first national biogas guidance document for introducing methane from dairy waste into existing pipelines. In 2009, GTI made publicly available a set of reports titled “Pipeline Quality Biomethane: North American Guidance Document for Interchangeability of Dairy Waste Derived Biomethane”.

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