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Process and Plant Design and Optimization

LNG 17 Poster Session

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  • A New Liquefaction Process Suitable for Offshore
    Dominique Gadelle, Tania Simonetti, and Sylvain Vovard, Technip
  • Advanced CAE Applications for LNG Plant Design
    Ryoji Ogiso, Atsushi Kawano, Kenichi Kobayashi, and Moritaka Nakamura, Chiyoda Corporation
  • Full Electrical LNG Plants: Highest Availability and Energy Efficiency through Overall System Design
    Edwin Lerch, Siemens AG
  • Cameroon LNG Project: Extreme Conditions (Wind Gusts) Generated by Mesoscale Convective Systems over an LNG Production Site (Cameroon)
    Olivier Gorieu and Max Nussbaum, GDF Suez LNG; Christophe Messager, Extreme Weather Expertises
  • Hybrid Membrane/Absorption Process for Acid Gas Removal in FLNG Applications
    James Zhou, Howard Meyer, and Dennis Leppin, Gas Technology Institute
  • Increase LNG Plant Production by Using Dual Enhanced Heat Transfer Solutions
    Brigitte Ploix, Rodolphe Peronnet, and Dominique Gadelle, Technip
  • LNG Liquefaction Process Selection: Alternative Refrigerants to Reduce Footprint and Costs
    Russell H. Oelfke, Robert D. Denton, and Michael R. Miller, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company
  • LNG Regasification — Technology Evaluation and Cold Energy Utilisation
    Randeep Agarwal and Meisam Babaie, Queensland University of Technology
  • Natural Gas Pressurized Liquefaction Process Adopting MR Refrigeration and CO2 Removal by Anti-sublimation
    Wensheng Lin, Xiaojun Xiong, and Anzhong Gu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • A Novel Approach to Ethane Refrigerant Extraction for Greenfield LNG Plants
    Derek Hodges, Woodside Energy Ltd.; Christiane Kerber, Linde AG
  • Off-the-Shelf Mid-Small-Mini Scale LNG Plant — Case Study for Application
    Yoshihisa Wakamatsu, Shin Matsui, and Yoshio Yatsuhashi, JGC Corporation
  • Simulating Operational Transitions in a Nitrogen Recycle LNG Plant
    Matthew J. Okasinski, Justin Bukowski, Yu Nan Liu, and Joseph Wehrman, Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
  • Simulation Study of Operating Optimization of Small-Scale LNG Plant with SMR Cycle
    Heng Sun, Zengcai Li, and Feng Liu, China University of Petroleum; Hongmei Zhu, North China Institute of Science and Technology
  • StarLNG™ : Linde Sets Standard for Small-Scale LNG Plants
    Ron Key, Linde Process Plants Inc.; Matthias Bruentrup and Maxim Schwarz, Linde AG
  • The Effect of Glycols on the Performance of the Acid Gas Removal Process
    Torsten Katz, Georg Sieder, and Justin Hearn, BASF SE

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