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LNG Storage, Ships, Transportation and Distribution

LNG 17 Poster Session

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  • Automatic Scheduling System of LNG Storage Operations Using Mathematical Programming
    Tomohito Okamura, Kaoru Kawamoto, Keisuke Kawata, and Tomokazu Ueda, Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.
  • Cryogenic Above Ground Storage Tanks: Full Containment and Membrane Comparison of Technologies
    Jérôme Thierçault and Caroline Egels, Buoygues Travaux Publics
  • Feedback on the Operation of the Dual Fuel Diesel Electric Propulsion on LNG Carriers: Impact of Gas Fuel Quality on Propulsion Efficiency
    Jean-François Castel, Gazocean; Jérémie Leriche and Denis Faure-Brac, GDF Suez CRIGEN
  • LNG Ageing during Ship Transportation
    Angel Benito and Concepción Rabinal, Enagás, S.A.
  • Qualification of an Innovative Offshore LNG Tandem Offloading System Using Cryogenic Floating Hoses
    Benjamin Mauriès, Frédéric Benoit, and Cédric Bruguier, Saipem; Vincent Lagarrigue, James Hermary, and Yves Gaspari, Trelleborg
  • Small Scale LNG Import Terminal: Not as Simple as a Reduced One
    Cédric Andrieu, Tractebel Engineering
  • Study on the Behavior of an LNG Tank Foundation under the Ultimate Limit State Using a Demolished Tank
    Shunsuke Ohnishi and Takeyoshi Nishizaki, Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.; Tomihiro Akutsu and Shuichi Kubota, Obayashi Corporation
  • What Is Driving the Revival of Interest in the Membrane System for Land Storage LNG Tanks?
    Adnan Ezzarhouni, GTT

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