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Sustainability Training for Foodservice Professionals

Managing energy and water use is simply good business strategy. The food service industry is losing several billion dollars in profits every year to inefficient use of energy and water, and improving the way utilities are managed has the potential to return those billions back to the bottom line.

Industry professionals from GTI subsidiary Frontier Energy leveraged their in-depth expertise to develop a series of eLearning courses designed to teach the fundamentals of energy and water efficiency for commercial foodservice.

The Fe3 training program is comprised of six one-hour modules taken online. Each module covers a different area of energy and water use—with simple, clear ideas, interactive exercises, and analogies that help make the concepts stick—and ends with a short exam that reinforces learning.

Students will gain an understanding of basic energy terms and learn practical skills such as:

  • Choosing the right lamp for lighting a specific space
  • Calculating the cost of water leaks
  • Properly maintaining refrigeration
  • Selecting energy-efficient cooking appliances using online tools
  • Troubleshooting and optimizing kitchen ventilation systems.

    This certification training program for industry professionals demonstrates a personal commitment to lifelong learning and ongoing professional development. Accreditation as a Fe3 Foodservice Energy Efficiency Expert recognizes design and operations skills that can help operators manage costs. Once a student earns certification, he or she can use the Fe3 designation and logo in their signature block and on marketing materials to enhance their credibility. Restaurants or institutions with Fe3-certified staff could display the logo onsite to communicate to their customers their dedication to sustainability and energy efficiency.

    Get started today by visiting the Fe3 website for more information as well as pricing and details on how to register for the training.​​​

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