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Commercial and Industrial Natural Gas Training


If you’re an industrial or commercial energy sales representative or marketer or you work directly with energy end users, you’ll get a competitive advantage through these courses. Course topics focus on technologies, equipment, efficiency, economics, and customer relationships. They are ideal for anyone who wants to learn what’s important and what’s new in these market sectors.

The courses are excellent on their own, but they also apply toward GTI’s certification programs, Chartered Industrial Gas Consultant (CIGC) or Registered Commercial Gas Consultant (RCGC). For details and registration options, click on each course title.

Onsite option. Any course can be brought to your facility or nearby, and we can customize courses and course modules.​

Instructor-Led Classroom Courses
  • Marketing Fundamentals for the Energy Industry
  • Gas Technology Fundamentals
  • Efficient Gas Technologies
  • Commercial Food Service and Space Heating
  • Commercial Cogeneration and Cooling
  • Industrial Steam Systems
  • Emerging Industrial Gas Technologies

  • Commercial Building Technician ILT Curricula

    Designed for those who work with equipment and HVAC processes in commercial and industrial buildings, these online courses equip technicians, supervisors, and contractors with the knowledge and skills to provide safe, effective, and sustainable inspection, troubleshooting, and maintenance of existing systems.

    The purchase of each module includes a MS Word document Leader Guide, MS Word document Participant Guide, and PowerPoint Presentation file. The materials can be used as is or you can customize these materials to include your standards, policies, and procedures.

  • B-01 Commercial Boiler Fundamentals
  • B-02 Industrial Boiler Fundamentals
  • B-03 Small Commercial Boiler Maintenance
  • B-04 Large Commercial Boiler Maintenance
  • B-05 Industrial Boiler Maintenance
  • B-06 High-Efficiency Commercial Boilers
  • All Boiler Modules Bundle
  • WH-01 Water Heater Fundamentals
  • WH-02 High-Efficiency Water Heating
  • WH-03 Water Heater Maintenance
  • WH-04 High-Efficiency Water Heating Maintenance
  • All Water Heating Modules Bundle
  • GEN-01 CHP Fundamentals
  • GEN-02 Operating and Maintaining CHP Systems
  • GEN-03 Maintenance of Back-Up Generators
  • All Power Generation Modules Bundle
  • E-01 Efficient Motor Control
  • E-02 Maintaining Efficient Motor Systems
  • E-03 High Efficiency Lighting
  • E-04 Maintaining High Efficiency Lighting
  • All Electric Modules Bundle
  • HVAC-01 High Efficiency HVAC Orientation
  • HVAC-02 High Efficiency HVAC System Maintenance – Chillers
  • HVAC-03 High Efficiency HVAC System Maintenance – Cooling Towers
  • HVAC-04 High Efficiency HVAC System Maintenance - Air Handlers and Rooftop Units
  • HVAC-05 High Efficiency Ventilation
  • All HVAC Modules Bundle
  • Commercial Building Technician All Modules Bundle
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