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Certificate Programs 

​Each GTI course helps you increase your industry knowledge and develop practical skills. But you may also earn industry-recognized certification, in some cases by combining specific courses. We offer multi-course certificate programs in gas distribution, gas transmission, and industrial and commercial gas marketing. Single-course certificates are awarded for certain gas distribution and LNG courses.

Our unique certification programs let you customize your training and concentrate on the technologies and topics that are most relevant to your career. Courses may be offered in the classroom, on the Web, or as self-study CD/hard copy.​

  • Polyethylene (PE) Pipe Technology
  • Registered Gas Distribution Professional (RGDP)
  • Certified Gas Transmission Professional (CGTP)
  • Chartered Industrial Gas Consultant (CIGC) and Registered Commercial Gas Consultant (RCGC)
  • LNG Plant Operator Training
  • LNG Shipping and Cargo Handling

    ​Contact us: education@gastechnology.org​​​​