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Using the Morphysorb® process for gas-treating applications

GTI has technology platforms and expertise in gas clean-up systems. Morphysorb® process for acid gas removal has several unique and desirable properties for treating high concentrations of acid gas (CO2 and H2S). This technology is licensed to Uhde, a partner with GTI in its development, and has been commercially deployed for natural gas processing.

Tests of Morphysorb CO2 solvent with Illinois coal-derived syngas for evaluation of carbon capture technology have been completed, illustrating pre-combustion carbon capture in gasification-based power plants.

Spectra Energy’s Kwoen Plant in British Columbia, Canada has been using Morphysorb for acid gas removal since 2002. GTI provides Spectra Energy with ongoing technical support and solvent supply. The use of Morphysorb at the Kwoen plant was material in enabling the plant to expand its gas upgrading capacity by 50% with only the addition of an absorber column.