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Demonstrating high-efficiency hot water systems in commercial foodservice to promote broader adoption

Frontier Energy, a GTI subsidiary, under a California Energy Commission Building Natural Gas Technology (BNGT) grant awarded in 2014, will demonstrate high-efficiency hot water systems in commercial foodservice settings. Gas Technology Institute (GTI) will support project management efforts, and Frontier Energy will provide third-party measurement & verification. Technical and testing support will be provided by Fisher Consultants and PG&E’s Applied Technology Services.

The goal of this research-based demonstration project is to document the system efficiency from hot water generation to end use by measuring energy and water consumption throughout the system. Baseline and optimized hot water system testing at two field sites will be combined with testing and validation of several optimization techniques in the laboratory.

Advanced gas-fired heaters, improved distribution system design and controls, ultra-low-flow fixtures, and dishwashers with heat recovery will be implemented in two commercial foodservice sites—The Counter, a full-service restaurant, and the Franklin Elementary School cafeteria.

This research, along with prior California Energy Commission research, will support the development of a hot water system design tool and cost calculator for various types of foodservice facilities.

A Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) has been created to help guide the project’s direction. Members of the committee are key foodservice industry professionals and California utility representatives.

Fact Sheet: Demonstration of High-Efficiency How Water Systems in Commercial Foodservice project​​​​​​​