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Using IH process to produce transportation fuels from renewable resources


​GTI experts invented, tested, and patented IH2®, a catalytic thermochemical process that promises to be a cost-effective route to produce liquid hydrocarbon transportation fuels from renewable and waste resources. The process converts non-food biomass feedstocks—such as wood, agricultural residues, algae, and aquatic plants—directly into gasoline, jet and diesel "drop in", "tank ready", "replacement" fuels for between $1.50 and $3.50/gallon (depending on feedstock and scale) with greater than 60% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

DOE funding enabled rapid development of the IH2 technology from initial proof-of-principle experiments through continuous testing in a 50 kg/day pilot plant, and provided support for engineering work to design a 1 ton/day demonstration unit and techno-economics for a commercial-scale 2,000 ton/day unit.

Results led to subsequent DOE contracts. GTI signed an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with CRI Catalyst Company (CRI) for the technology in early 2011, and CRI invested the capital to build a pilot-scale plant at GTI and perform additional research. A 5 ton/day demonstration plant is being built by SHELL India Markets Pvt Ltd (SIMPL) at their new Technology Centre in Bangalore, India.