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Lowering costs for syngas cleanup of coal gasification systems with SR2

GTI is developing SR2, an integrated multi-contaminant removal process that incorporates acid gas removal, sulfur recovery, and tail gas treating in one step.

Coal-derived syngas is sent to an absorbing column where chlorides and ammonia, as well as trace heavy metals (mercury, selenium, arsenic, and cadmium) are removed from the gas stream. Hydrogen sulfide in the syngas, together with injected sulfur dioxide, dissolves in a solvent containing a homogeneous liquid catalyst, a commonly available and inexpensive material, which is circulated in the column. The Claus reaction is carried out in the liquid phase.

The process is ideal for syngas desulfurization at 285 to 300°F, at any given pressure (higher the better) and offers a tighter integration with the process for removal of trace contaminants and heavy metals. This process is projected to be significantly lower in capital and operating cost compared to other systems now in development. The technology has already been proven in treating natural gas, and preliminary performance results and economics from syngas processing suggest a 40% cost savings compared to competing technologies.

Learn more about the SR2 Sulfur Removal and Recovery Process Technology. (1.8MB pdf)​​​​