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Screening technology options to treat, manage, and minimize produced water issues

GTI is enabling environmentally sound and cost effective management, by-product recovery, and beneficial use or reuse of produced water streams to ease public concerns about hydraulic fracturing.

GTI has led Water Conservation and Management Committees in the Barnett and Appalachian Shales, performed work for the New Albany Shale and Marcellus Shale Research Consortia, and assessed water management and reuse technologies for RPSEA. Researchers are utilizing water-based life cycle modeling to provide timely planning and technology guidance for sustainable shale gas water and solid waste management.

In 2011, we completed a techno-economic assessment of water management solutions, a joint industry project with 22 companies. The study defined current water management practices, emerging solutions, and benchmark costs; categorized best-in-class options; and identified technology gaps and opportunities for cost reductions and efficiency improvements.

GTI is also providing objective, third party evaluations of client technologies from methods to fracture stimulate unconventional resources more efficiently to systems for treating flowback and produced water more economically.