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Removing sulfur from natural gas midstream

GTI has technology platforms and expertise in natural gas midstream cleanup systems to remove contaminants before the gas is brought to market that offer advantages in capital cost, operations and maintenance cost, and footprint. A novel sulfur removal process is ready for pilot plant testing that will treat tonnage levels of H2S, replacing acid gas removal, sulfur recovery, and tail gas treating processes in one step.

We offer engineering consultancy, engineering design software, lab and field testing for H2S scavenging. GTI has developed a computer simulation model that can accurately calculate H2S scavenger loading requirements for direct-injection systems.

Partnering Opportunities:
GTI is looking for a commercial partner and host site for a pilot-scale demonstration of this flexible and cost-effective sulfur removal process.

H2S Scavenger Research, Consulting, Technical Services and Software:
GTI conducts large-scale research, development, and demonstration projects at our facilities or in the field, and can complement or supplement a company’s internal expertise with our specialized technical and knowledge-based services. We offer testing services for scavenger capacity, and have both lab- and field-scale direct-injection test loops available. GTI has also developed new direct-injection scavenging software that is available for purchase on our website.

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