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Providing standardized integrity management training services

A combined external and internal corrosion direct assessment 4-day workshop focuses on critical areas of the PIM plan: identifying high-consequence areas. Field technicians, engineers, managers, and third-party contractors responsible for PIM program implementation learn the four steps needed to assess corrosion inside and outside of the pipeline: pre-assessment, direct examination, indirect inspection, and post-assessment. The course is offered as two separate segments so attendees can choose if they want to cover just one or both of the topics.

"ECDA Inspection Tools" is a two-and-a-half-day hands-on course in which attendees learn how to operate common ECDA inspection tools and interpret the data derived from each tool. The workshop also provides an overview of the basic theory of PIM inspection. Attendees who complete all three workshops earn industry-recognized certification.

GTI also offers a four-and-a-half-day DIM training program that provides an overview of the rule for natural gas utility executives and senior managers and a more in-depth compliance review and guidance for middle managers and operating personnel. It focuses on data collection requirements, risk analysis, mitigation techniques, and reporting requirements. The training sessions integrate a mix of lectures, group work, and practical application exercises to allow attendees to gain a working knowledge of what DIM means for their company and to learn effective approaches for plan development and compliance strategy.

New in 2011 was the addition of Pipeline Safety Regulatory Compliance training, a 4.5 day course to help industry professionals understand and interpret the most recent regulations and updates to earlier codes and provide insight on compliance. Presentations are combined with hands-on exercises to provide you with the most recent information on Transmission Integrity Management (TIMP), Distribution Integrity Management (DIMP), Control Room Management (CRM), and new incident and annual reporting requirements.