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Developing compact equipment to provide high-efficiency, industrial-scale ultra-clean power and steam

A research team is developing a cost-effective, small- to medium-size gas turbine-based combined heat-and-power (CHP) system that can significantly increase energy efficiency while meeting stringent air-emissions regulations. A cost-effective supplemental burner, employing state-of-the-art design concepts, is being optimized for selected power generators. The research team designed a new system, and tested and evaluated burners for system controls. To achieve reliable and stable flame ignition and system warm-up, the control system provides automation of startup and turndown, remote control of the turbine, and ignition sequencing.

Laboratory tests have shown total efficiency of over 85% and NOx emissions that are below stringent emission levels. Field testing of the FlexCHP-65 system is planned at a food-processing plant in California.