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Preventing excavation damage

  • GTI developed a system that uses GPS to track excavation activity near underground assets using GPS technology. A GPS-based Excavation Encroachment Notification (EEN) system that will cross reference GPS coordinates of all digging activities with one-call tickets to identify potential excavation encroachment before it occurs was demonstrated. By integrating GPS tracking into excavation equipment, the location of digging operations can be monitored to ensure that they are not occurring outside of a valid one-call ticket or that they are not encroaching on underground facilities. In 2012, a new prototype that uses lower cost technology is being deployed in a second pilot project in New York.
  • A new pipe location technology that provides accurate locations of buried pipe is is commercially available from Sensit Technologies as UltraTrac® APL. The Acoustic Pipe Locator (APL) uses a handheld acoustic transmitter and receiver to detect and locate both metallic and non-metallic pipes buried as deep as 8-10 feet. It can be universally applied for most soils and expected ground coverings such as grass, asphalt, concrete, and dirt. The technology, developed by GTI with funding support from OTD, is expected to save the industry millions of dollars by helping to reduce the potential for damage to un-located buried pipes and the resulting incidents that can create customer outages.