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Natural gas as a transportation fuel

GTI is playing a major role in advancing the use of alternative transportation fuels, with ongoing activities across the nation and worldwide. We have unique capabilities in alternative energy development, encompassing a broad range of biofuel production technologies. Our solutions have solidified the natural gas vehicle (NGV) market and advanced the use of hydrogen (H2) as a transportation fuel. Research teams are working on several fronts to lower the costs of adoption of alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure, particularly the first-cost entry.

Technology development is underway to support next-generation compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) vehicles and engines. GTI's scientists and engineers are testing and developing new components and systems, and developing and deploying NGV fueling stations.

Research Opportunities:
GTI has a host of ongoing and proposed research projects that are open to the industry for participation and investment. Outsource all or part of your R&D activity to leverage your technology investment – and choose from a menu of business arrangements.

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