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Education and outreach

CH4 Connections—the Methane Emissions Conference
CH4 Connections 2017 The Methane Emissions Conference logoThe rapidly changing landscape of technology, regulation, and work practices will take center stage at the fourth annual CH4 Connections conference on September 25-26, 2018 in Fort Collins, CO. The 2017 conference was also hosted in Fort Collins, bringing together more than 120 leading research experts, policy makers, and environmental advocates to collaborate and share perspectives. Methane leakage, technologies to detect and reduce emissions, policy and regulatory options, and business implications and opportunities were addressed.

Center for Methane Research (CMR)
Center for Methane Research logoIn 2016, a new natural gas industry consortium— the Center for Methane Research (CMR) —was launched to serve as a technical information resource on a range of issues related to methane emissions and their real-world global warming impact. Initial funding includes natural gas distribution companies, with an expectation to expand to include other upstream natural gas companies.

The CMR was formed to become the preeminent authority on the presence and impacts of methane in the atmosphere, with a focus on natural gas systems. It will find, develop, interpret, establish, and disseminate technically defensible data to ensure the accurate representation of methane emissions and their real-world global warming impact.

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