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Tools and technologies for detection, prevention, and mitigation

GTI has developed and evaluated various leak detection technologies and is currently improving these devices for various applications, ranging from the well head to residential homes.

In the early 2000s, GTI supported development of an innovative portable tool called the Hi Flow Sampler™ that can rapidly and accurately measure methane leaks—fugitive emissions—from a variety of gas industry equipment. The tool, commercially available from Heath Consultants, is now being used to provide real-time measurements of gas flow rates and concentrations in a captured enclosure at the surface.

The Portable Methane Detector (PMD), developed by GTI and available from SENSIT Technologies, improves the efficiency of walking leak surveys. Using optical-detection technology, the handheld PMD device offers sensitivity and cost advantages over conventional techniques employing flame ionization detectors.

A tool that can easily provide an estimate of emissions in the field is under development. We are also developing methane detection tools for utility first responders and monitoring of leaks. GTI researchers are also evaluating the use of alternative technologies, such as optical gas imaging cameras, to detect and quantify leaks throughout the natural gas system.

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