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Accelerating the market introduction and acceptance of new emerging technologies

In the Emerging Technology Program (ETP), GTI is partnering with utilities, manufacturers, and government entities to enable the validation and successful commercialization of promising new natural gas technologies—by providing technology assessments, demonstrations and scaled field placements, market and behavioral studies, codes and standards development, and training and education.

GTI is working with Nicor to plan and implement an ETP program that complements Nicor’s core energy efficiency program. GTI also launched a national ETP collaborative that will leverage the collective intelligence, expertise, and funding of members from the natural gas industry to drive new technologies into the market. The program’s significant scale will allow the gas industry and GTI to approach national manufacturers and big-box retailers with a larger voice representing utilities across the country.

Frontier Energy, a GTI subsidiary, is a professional services firm with deep expertise in commercial kitchen energy efficiency and appliance performance testing.

Frontier Energy operates the PG&E Food Service Technology Center (FSTC), a fuel-neutral scientific testing facility. Under the FSTC program, Frontier Energy has developed over 40 standard test methods (STMs), impacted energy efficiency codes and standards, produced appliance reports and documentation, conducted training and education seminars, and provided site surveys and audits for the commercial foodservice industry.

Frontier Energy also provides many of these services for other utilities, restaurant operators, equipment manufacturers, and energy efficiency service providers throughout North America.