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Liquid fuels storage tank

The XTL refinery process converts natural gas or syngas produced from solid biomass or coal into longer-chain hydrocarbons such as gasoline, jet, or diesel fuel that can either be used directly as is or blended into the motor, aviation, and marine fuel pools

GTI is active in all operations for XTL processes: reforming to make syngas (a mix of CO and H2); syngas processing; and syngas conversion to liquid fuels. Our organization has the competencies and experience to test all three of these stages in our facilities.


Key Initiatives
  • Making green gasoline in an integrated biorefinery
  • Producing a drop-in gasoline product and on-site power from stranded or low-value natural gas resources
  • Using IH process to produce transportation fuels from renewable resources
  • Exploring the biological conversion of natural gas-based feedstocks and CO2 into value-added transportation fuels and chemicals

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