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LNG training, consulting, and information resources

GTI has a legacy of helping companies develop skill sets for the LNG industry. We have extensive and specialized technical and training expertise that can be used to complement or supplement a company’s internal expertise.

With our knowledge-based services, we focus on investigating issues from a viewpoint based in science, regulatory, and market realities to provide comprehensive information that can lead to sound decisions and help companies accomplish their strategic objectives.

Beyond working directly with individual companies to answer their important questions about LNG, GTI provides information resources and offers  a growing array of training courses for both open-enrollment and company-specific programs. GTI held the first LNG Conference in Chicago in 1968 and remains one of three official sponsors. We have published the Proceedings from LNG-1 to LNG-16, and our publications, technical reports, and software are essential sources of information for anyone involved in the LNG business.

GTI’s extensive slate of LNG training materials—including classroom courses and online/self-study courses—has received great response from our students, and we are continually refreshing our training curriculum to add topics of current interest. Any of the classroom courses can be customized as necessary for presentation to individual clients. In addition, GTI has developed comprehensive onsite programs for plant operators, specific to facility equipment, process flow, and operating procedures.

Training Opportunities:
Partner with GTI for consulting and training on LNG to develop company-specific models and programs, build skill sets and accomplish strategic performance objectives.

More Information

We can help you determine which courses are right for you or your employees. Contact us: education@gastechnology.org.