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Example of unloading arms at a LNG import terminal.

​GTI leads a slate of R&D programs focused on LNG across the energy value chain--ranging from gas processing, to creating LNG from stranded natural gas reserves and renewable biogas resources, to demonstrating and deploying heavy-duty vehicle engines that operate on LNG and CNG, as well as interchangeability issues.

We offer knowledge-based services on the technical, economic, business, and regulatory aspects of the LNG industry, and can assist in building public awareness and educating stakeholders.

GTI also provides training programs and industry data on LNG. We have established a legacy of helping companies broaden skill sets for the LNG industry and accomplish strategic objectives.


Key Initiatives
  • Natural gas purification for floating LNG production
  • Small-scale liquefaction technology
  • Natural gas as a transportation fuel
  • Assessing the impact of LNG on pipeline distribution systems
  • LNG and natural gas interchangeability
  • LNG training, consulting, and information resources

    Contact us: info@gastechnology.org