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High-Efficiency Gas-fired Heat Pump Water Heater


A demonstration of fourth-generation units at five homes in Southern California with SoCal Gas is advancing a novel ultra high-efficiency Gas-fired Heat Pump Water Heater (GHPWH) toward commercialization. Market assessment and stakeholder outreach activities are taking place in parallel to support a successful market introduction.

With funding from Utilization Technology Development (UTD) and the U.S. Department of Energy, the water heater was developed by a team lead by Stone Mountain Technologies, Inc., with technical support from GTI, major water heater manufacturers, and Georgia Tech.

GTI has completed several field trials of pre-commercial GHPWHs in the Pacific Northwest and Tennessee, demonstrating greater than 50% reductions in gas consumption. Partners in these efforts include Fast Water Heater and Washington State University, with support from the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, Intermountain Gas Company, and UTD.

The GHPWH meets NOx requirements and has a projected Uniform Energy Factor (UEF) that is more than twice that of standard gas water heaters. It can offer the lowest operating cost and cost of ownership, with 50% energy savings for the majority of gas water heating customers.​​​​