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Producing heat and power via biomass gasification

Andritz has a commercial project in Skive, Denmark providing 12 MWth of district heat and 6 MW of electric power using wood pellets as the fuel, based on GTI’s biomass gasification process. The companies collaborate to improve technical operating features of the gasifier and ancillary equipment.

This combined heat and power project has been in operation since 2009. A single fluidized bed gasifier provides fuel gas for three reciprocating engine generating sets (2 MW each), that produce the heat recovered for the community's heating needs. Gasification enables the facility to produce about 30% more electricity than a conventional steam process. Two gas boilers in the facility can also use produced gases to meet additional district heating demand. The overall process efficiency in this combined heat and power operation is about 90%.

GTI and Andritz are also working on next-generation applications using the GTI laboratories and pilot-scale test facilities for research, development, and demonstration.​