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Developing technologies and guidelines for asset tracking

The capture of accurate, high-quality data is important for operator analysis and decisionmaking. GTI is providing a comprehensive solution to support asset tracking and traceability of piping and appurtenances of gas distribution systems.

GTI, with OTD funding, has created asset lifecycle tracking technology to assist the industry with ASTM F2897-11a barcodes—a unique identifier for piping and appurtenances of gas distribution systems— for comprehensive tracking and traceability of components from manufacturing through retirement. A number of successful demonstrations in 2012 showcased the use of the technology to capture new asset installation information, relocate assets, and prevent excavation damage.

Along with new technology, GTI is provide tooling and practices for the industry to use in implementation. A Purchasing Specification Guidelines for Marking Polyethylene Gas System Components developed in cooperation with AGA provides language that natural gas utility companies can use in purchasing specifications to require vendor compliance with ASTM F2897-11a to mark pipe and fittings for asset tracking and traceability. The guidelines were developed through an industry working group that included representation from utility companies and pipe and fitting manufacturers.

New initiatives underway at GTI will develop similar systems to track transmission facilities, meters, and regulators.

GTI also launched subsidiary LocusView to provide comprehensive mobile mapping and field data collection services, leveraging the expertise and next-generation software and hardware developed with industry support.

LocusView partners with clients to provide services through the entire process including hardware selection and acquisition, software configuration, hosting, training, and long-term technical support.

LocusMap, the flagship product, is a mobile GIS solution that maps new installations with comprehensive tracking and traceability data for pipes, fittings, and fusions. LocusSurvey uses tablet computers and GPS to track leak-survey routes, automating the documentation process.