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Natural gas processing plant equipment

At GTI, new upgrading technologies are being developed to bring pipeline-quality gas to market more economically. Major areas of expertise include acid gas removal, sulfur recovery, H2S scavenging, natural gas liquids separation, and natural gas dehydration.

We have helped design innovative gas cleanup systems and developed proprietary technologies for syngas cleanup and separations. Our staff includes experts in solvent, catalyst, membrane and sorbent solutions, and we perform both laboratory and field experiments to support process development.


Key Initiatives 
  • Using the Morphysorb® process for gas-treating applications
  • SR2 sulfur removal and recovering process
  • Crystasulf® process for sulfur
  • Direct injection of H2S scavengers into gas stream for small-scale sulfur removal
  • Capturing carbon with CarboLock hollow fiber contactor technology
  • Producing bio-gas for power and fuel

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