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Enhancing efficiency in space conditioning and water heating

​GTI is addressing key challenges in bringing new technologies such as high-efficiency water heaters, combined space and water heating systems, furnaces, natural gas heat pumps, and advanced heat recovery syste​ms to market—by bridging the gap between development and full commercial introduction.

Technology and market assessments are being performed on a variety of space conditioning and water heating equipment to enhance the competitiveness of gas-fueled equipment and allow consumers to take advantage of the fuel-cost savings. Researchers are evaluating technologies with the potential to provide significant emissions reductions and modeling equipment performance to compare against electric options for life cycle and operating costs, source-energy use, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Individual residential water heater projects focus on developing high-efficiency, low-emissions burners to reduce first costs in condensing gas water heaters and various components for gas-heat-pump water heaters.

Field demonstrations on combined space- and water-heating systems are providing performance data for evaluation and to guide future product improvements and developments.

Researchers are investigating issues associated with the use of condensing-furnace technology to develop a rooftop high-efficiency gas packaged air conditioner (gas PAC) that combines gas heating with electric cooling to provide energy savings for consumers in the commercial sector.

GTI has also created a Guide to Best Practices for Home Energy Retrofits sponsored by the California Energy Commission.