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Developing and commercializing natural gas engines

Key to growth in the fleet segment is the addition of higher horsepower natural gas engines. GTI supported Cummins Westport, Inc. (CWI) with the development, demonstration, and deployment of the ISX G 11.9- liter dedicated natural gas spark-ignition engine, with funding from the California Energy Commission and the gas industry. Field trials were performed, and full production began in August 2013. The engine operates exclusively on natural gas (CNG or LNG) and includes a range of ratings to 400 hp and 1,450 lb-ft torque. This next-generation natural gas engine has improved fuel economy up to 10% from current spark-ignited natural gas-powered engines used in Class 8 trucks and reduced GHG emissions by 20–25%.

We were granted a California Energy Commission award for the demonstration of low emissions heavy-duty truck technologies. The program will include Clean Air Power 13-liter engine (430 hp, dual fuel) in twelve Class 8 tractors and a second effort with US Hybrid to deploy three heavy-duty hybrid trucks for drayage trucking operations.

GTI is also working with CWI on the development and commercialization of their next-generation medium-duty NGV engine, helping address the needs of parcel delivery, shuttle buses, school buses, and other vehicles in this segment. The ISB 6.7G has completed field trials and is CWI’s third engine size to become commercially available.

The ISB6.7 G offers customers low emissions with diesel-like performance, reliability, and durability, but operates exclusively on natural gas (CNG or LNG) utilizing CWI's proprietary spark-ignited, stoichiometric combustion with cooled exhaust gas recirculation (SEGR) technology. At launch, the engine is certified to meet the California Air Resources Board optional low NOx emission standard of 0.10 g/bhp-hr NOx and 0.01 g/bhp-hr PM and 2017 U.S. GHG regulations.